Hi guys, I’m Charlie Irons and this is Man About Town

Man About Town is a blog and portal for the every day guy, covering everything from grooming tips and how to’s to what to wear and where to grab some good grub. I see myself as the typical guy, navigating the world of grooming and fashion and learning lots of lessons along the way and I hope to be able to share all these experiences and life lessons with you all.

Honest reviews, tips and things I’ve learnt through trial and error

From the latest grooming products and tools to new restaurant launches and healthy recipes, I want to explore the finer details and share my findings with you all along the way. In no way am I an expert in fashion or grooming, but if you are interested in following my journey of discovery then feel free to get involved in the comments area and check out my YouTube channel for more!


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Exclusive videos released every Monday and Friday. I make videos showing how to rock the latest fashion trends, what to wear each season and exploring the new grooming products on the market and latest skincare trends.