Jan' 2004


A Coat To Covet This Winter

  If there is just one essential you’ll turn to on a daily basis over the coming months it’s your winter coat.  A vital necessity against the perils of winter weather, it’s a wardrobe staple that requires more than last-minute consideration when it comes to making the right choice.  The ultimate winter coat should be both functional and hardwearing as much as it should aesthetically pair with a whole plethora of wardrobe options.  It should be a fashion piece that you feel proud to throw on every morning.

When it comes to choosing the perfect coat it’s worth considering details such as the fabrication.  Wool is great for so many reasons and is the right balance between keeping you warm without overheating on days of mild weather.  Why not look at introducing some considered edge to your daily outerwear repertoire through pattern.  A salt and pepper checked coat has a certain something that stands out among the din of crowded city streets.

If the occasion calls for something a little smarter, why not add a suede layer underneath, a fabric that begs to be touched and instantly upgrades an outfit to that next level of luxury.  A dark green hue is a refreshing antidote to the dark greys and blacks that pepper men’s outerwear at this time of year and it’s military-esque associations imbues it with an air of clean, sartorial savoir-faire.

Give the winter chill the cold shoulder by investing in a hard-working overcoat, built to protect your body temperature as much as your style aesthetic.  Here’s a few of my current favourites: