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A Fragrance Gift Guide For Him This Christmas

Gift buying is never easy and there are always a couple of people in the family that are particularly hard to buy for.  I’ve always thought that the whole concept of gifting shouldn’t be forgotten and in these instances this is more relevant than ever.   For me, ‘gifting’ has always meant buying something special for someone special, an item that that specific person would really want, but be unlikely to ‘treat’ themselves to… and this is why a special and stand out fragrance will always be a fantastic gift.

Here’s a few of my favourite fragrances from 2019!

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1. Something Different – Pacific Cannabis By Baxter Of California

A new addition to my collection, Pacific Cannabis is refreshingly different with cannabis accord the stand out ingredient.  A great conversation starter, this will make the perfect gift for that hard to buy for brother-in-law.

2. Something Festive – Myrrh & Tonka By Jo Malone

A firm favourite for the festive season and colder months, Myrrh & Tonka is one of my most worn in December.  Spicy, punchy and powerful, the inclusion of myrrh makes this the ultimate festive fragrance, it was good enough for Jesus right? 

3. Something Classic – Sandalo By Acqua Di Parma

Every guy needs a woody fragrance in his locker for the winter months and Sandalo from Acqua Di Parma is packed full of woody notes.  This scent is a great gift for any fragrance lovers out there looking for something to take their fragrance ‘wardrobe’ to that next level!

4. Something Statement – C Woody Leather By Clive Christian 

The importance of a fragrance to an outfit should never be underestimated and I often treat my fragrances as the final accessory to a specific look.  If you’re looking to make a real statement then you need a statement scent and it’s safe to say that C Woody Leather from Clive Christian will turn heads.

5. Something Boozy – Bizarre Brandy By Molton Brown

A new launch this season, Bizarre Brandy from Molton Brown is everything a cold-weather scent should be.  Spicy, warm and rather boozy, it will make the perfect gift for a dad or father-in-law this Christmas.

6. Something Spicy – SpiceBomb By Viktor & Rolf

We all have a fragrance that we’ve worn for a very long time and SpiceBomb from Viktor & Rolf is a scent I’ve worn for since it’s launch back in 2012.  A real crowd pleaser with spicy and woody notes, this makes for the perfect gift for any gent you’re struggling to buy for.

7. Something Oudy – Ombre Leather By Tom Ford 

It would be safe to say I’ve become a little oud obsessed over the past 12 months.  Oud is a note I just can’t get enough of and one that seems to always garner a positive response whenever I rock it.  Ombre Leather from Tom Ford is one of my favourite oudy fragrances and with leathery notes it’s the ideal party season scent.

8. Something Timeless – Oud & Bergamot By Jo Malone

In the same way you have a number of timeless pieces in your wardrobe you should have a couple of timeless fragrances in your repetoire, scents that can be worn all year round and that will never go out of fashion.  Oud & Bergamot is ultra punchy and much like other Jo Malone scents, very much unisex.  If you grab your boyfriend, fiancee or husband this fragrance and you’ll become instantly obsessed too!

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