Jan' 2031


A Restaurant Fit For Sherlock Holmes


Nestled in the heart of Marylebone on the famous Baker Street, Kitchen At Holmes is billed simply as an all day restaurant and bar serving up modern grub.  The menu offers a wide array of cuisines, all ideal for sharing with friends and loved ones. 

The dishes are aged, smoked and grilled straight from the beautiful open kitchen with a focus on using the finest ingredients and ultimately letting this quality do all the talking.  Nods to Baker Street’s most famous resident are prevalent throughout the space, but they’re subtle enough to prevent Kitchen at Holmes from projecting itself as a tacky theme restaurant. 


The menu is fairly extensive and is split into sections such as ‘Raw’, ‘Fritti’, ‘Grill’, ‘Aged and Smoked’.  While we were looking through the menu, we munched on strips of pillowy Jerusalem pitta, served with a delicious mess of tahini, roasted tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. The menu’s ‘Raw’ section is home to some of the most impressive dishes including yellow fin tuna tartare that melted in the mouth with a much needed wasabi kick.

From the ‘Fritti’ section and for something a little Spanish, the jamon Iberico croquettes were rather dreamy.  Beautifully crisp and piped full of creamy aioli with a hint of nutmeg, very very moorish and it would be safe to say I could have eaten 100.

The ravioli stuffed with milky buffalo ricotta was a far heavier dish, reading like a comfort food staple essential for a winter lunch visit, lashed with a heavily emulsified, sunshine-yellow butter sauce and finished with coins of black truffle, albeit quite pricey at £19. 

The best dish on the menu, however, was the pluma de Iberico belotta,  gently seared and served medium-rare (as it should be), accompanied by grilled Padron peppers and a nutty romesco.  On the side, bok choy was stir-fried with plenty of chilli, ginger and garlic: not ground-breaking, by any means, but very enjoyable.

To finish, dessert lovers will be enthralled by the likes of the lime & raspberry cheesecake with a raspberry sorbet, quite simply one of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever eaten!

This was a meal that even the notoriously hard to please Sherlock Holmes would have been impressed with.  With dishes ideal for sharing, why not pop by for an early dinner with friends before retreating to the Holmes hotel bar for a couple of well earned whisky cocktails.



SERVICE – *****

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