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A Sporting Icon, The Pique Polo

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Even though it long since left the tennis court of the 90s, the sportiness runs in the genes of the iconic Piqué polo shirt.  It’s the perfect blend between practical and stylish and without a doubt a wardrobe essential that is perfect for the back end of Spring and start of Summer.

The Piqué has long been a warm weather favourite of mine and is the definition of versatile and wearable.  Whether you wear alongside a pair of jeans paired with kicks for a casual look or a blazer and smarter trousers, the Piqué will always look slick and is a much more comfortable alternative to a shirt when the sun is blazing.

If I’m packing for a short Summer break or Weekend getaway, the Piqué will almost always make it into the case given its sheer versatility and comfort and if ever the dress code is in doubt, a Piqué will rarely let you down.

A little tip for some last minute ‘sunblock’, turn the collar up for some serious neck protection!

Charlie Irons - GANT PIQUE_18-03-2019-14-02-29Charlie Irons - GANT PIQUE_18-03-2019-14-02-10Charlie Irons - GANT PIQUE_18-03-2019-14-02-56Charlie Irons - GANT PIQUE_18-03-2019-13-58-13Charlie Irons - GANT PIQUE_18-03-2019-14-00-34Charlie Irons - GANT PIQUE_18-03-2019-14-00-07Charlie Irons - GANT PIQUE_18-03-2019-14-00-52

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How will you guys be rocking the Piqué this Summer?


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