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A Timeless Classic, How To Style The Wax Jacket

Keeping warm, dry and stylish can prove extremely difficult this season and a key wardrobe piece that can help is the classic wax jacket.  It is without a doubt one of the most timeless coats and one that has certainly stood the test of time.

A waxed jacket is one made from cotton that’s been treated with beeswax or paraffin, making it impervious to rain and ideal for surviving a typical British winter!  The material was originally used for sails, but in the early 20th century John Barbour – founder of the eponymous brand – realised it was also ideal for protecting outdoor sorts from the elements.  He created a robust, practical coat that could withstand even the foulest weather and its popularity meant other brands soon created variations on the style, which has remained almost unchanged for a century.

Timeless, stylish, practical and durable, they can be worn in both the city and the countryside and assuming you invest in a good quality one, it will last you for the decade to come, a worthy investment.

Though the style hasn’t changed much in the past century, the waxed jacket has crossed from country to city in the last decade.  I’m a big fan of wearing mine with chinos or corduroy trousers alongside a classic Oxford button up or cosy roll neck.  You can even wear them with more relaxed pieces like hoodies, trainers and jeans or joggers.  It creates an interesting contrast between the rural fabric and a more urban aesthetic, but however you style one, a waxed jacket is always guaranteed to keep you warm and dry.

Depending on your chosen jacket/coat you may want to style your outfit differently.  If you’re trying to recreate the British countryside look then some men’s field jackets could work well for you.  If you want something to herd around the city in, then a suit or smart trousers and jumper will also work well.  Accessories are also a perfect way to bring almost every outfit together, scarfs, gloves and hats can all be worn with a wax jacket, making them perfect for all year round.