Nov' 1930


A Wardrobe Essential, The Tan Suede Jacket

If you’ve  followed my blog for a while you are probably very familiar with me talking about ‘staple wardrobe pieces’ and their importance to your fashion repertoire.  With an increased focus and understanding regarding the damage that ‘fast fashion’ is doing to our beautiful planet, it’s important now more than ever that we are more considered in our purchases.  I see it as a win win when it comes to menswear, it makes much more sense to invest in an item that has been better manufactured, using higher quality materials as opposed to something cheaper and less likely to outlast a single season.

Always consider how much ‘wear’ you will get from this particular clothing item, how versatile is it and how many outfits can incorporate this piece.  It may sound very basic, but the more you wear a clothing purchase, the better value that purchase becomes, think of it as ‘price per wear’.   This brings me on to todays wardrobe ‘staple’ and an item I’ve worn a crazy amount in 2019, the brown tan suede jacket.  A suede jacket will always require investment given the expensive nature of the fabric but make no bones about it, a good quality suede jacket will form the basis of many autumn, winter and spring outfits and last for seasons to come.

Thanks to suede’s versatility, there’s a number of ways you could incorporate the fabric into your outfits.  The best looks tend to be the most simple and straightforward, my favourite being alongside a merino roll neck or chunkier knit for a contrasting texture.  Focus on the cut and shape of your jacket, opting for closer fitting, more tailored styles for smarter finishes, and bolder, boxier shapes for casual looks.

The contrast between sharp lines of tailoring and a loose silhouette of oversized suede jackets is a stylish alternative to an overcoat.  Tailoring worn with a suede jacket is an unusual combination, and therefore, it’s all about you using the contrast to your advantage.  A simple yet eye-catching combination can be created by wearing a men’s brown suede jacket with a good pair of denim jeans.  You should try to make your brown suede jacket the focal point of your look, and not combine it with pieces that are going to compete or clash.  In the warmer months, something as basic as a white T-shirt can be enough to create a clean, everyday look.  In colder months a roll neck or chunkier knit will add texture and that all important warmth.

If you’re a fan of monochrome outfits but want to spice things up a bit, try wearing a men’s brown suede jacket over your black shirt next time you go to work?  It’s a good mix of smart casual, so if you’re struggling for a new dress down Friday outfit, this could be the solution.  Tone down the rest of your outfit to make your brown suede jacket stand out and be centre of attention.  Keep the colours underneath minimal, blacks, dark greys and occasionally navy will work best. If you’re wearing this ensemble to work then chino’s are your better bet but if you do want to go slightly more smart, straight cut tailored trousers will work well.

Even though I don’t recommend wearing suede jackets when it’s raining, I realise that sometimes it can start raining unexpectedly. How well the jacket will withstand the rain will depend on the quality of the suede and the protection you’ve applied.  I always like to give mine a quick spritz of a suede protector before wearing, a favourite is Liquiproof, a mist like spray that has never let me down.

If you forget to spray or the heavens absolutely open, here are a few steps you should follow when your suede jacket ends up soaking wet:

-First of all, let the jacket dry off naturally at room temperature, never by a radiator!  Be aware that this can take up to 24 hours.

-You should then use a suede eraser or brush to remove any obvious marks.  Be gentle and only apply more pressure if necessary.

-Once you’ve got rid of the marks, use the suede eraser again, or alternatively, you could use lightly damp cloth to restore the nap.

-Apply a decent suede protector and try to remember to check the weather forecast before your next wear!