Jul' 2023


Warm Weather Staples, The Classic Cuban Collar Shirt

For all its many positives, the Summer can get a tad monotonous where wardrobe options are concerned for us guys.  As we all know, there’s only a limited amount a man can do with short sleeves and a pair of shorts before he begins to crave layers again.  All this means anything capable of injecting some personality into an outfit is a valuable asset and that’s where the Cuban collar shirt comes in.

Naysayers were quick to label it a trend when this throwback piece first began to edge its way back into the spotlight a couple of Summers back.  But as the years came and went, the Cuban collar has only further solidified its place on the menswear scene.  With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about this must-have warm-weather garment, including how to spot one and where to shop for the best.

There is some confusion around the exact definition of a Cuban collar shirt.  This probably stems from the fact that this wardrobe essential actually goes by several different names.  Depending on who you speak to or where you buy from, you’ll hear it referred to as a “camp collar shirt”, a “revere collar shirt”, an “open-collar shirt or a “spread collar shirt”.

In reality, there is no difference between any of these; they’re simply different terms for the same garment.  That is, a short-sleeved shirt with a button front and a flat, open collar.  It often also boasts a seasonally-appropriate print or pattern and is traditionally constructed from a light, airy fabric such as linen or cotton.

The Cuban collar shirt is a must-have item when it comes to your warm-weather rotation. It’s comfortable, stylish and inhabits a space somewhere between smart and beachy, which allows it to be dressed up or down to equally glorious effect.

As if that wasn’t reason enough to rush out and buy one, it’s flattering to most, if not all, body types too.  This is due to the V-shaped space created between the lapels, which has the visual effect of broadening the shoulders and creating a desirable “V” silhouette.  It also tends to have a straight, boxy cut, which works equally well for slimmer and larger frames.

The wealth of options in terms of colour and print make it a helpful summer ally, too.  Its ever-so-slightly retro quality affords the wearer an opportunity to experiment with pattern in a way that a simple T-shirt never could.  From all-over tropical prints to subdued pastel shades, there’s something for every level of confidence and skin tone.

Here’s my favourites this Summer, whether you want to make a poolside statement or need something to work with tailoring at summer events:


A Classic Cuban From River Island

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Textured Knitwear From Topman

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Lightweight Linen From Reiss

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Pyjama Vibe From Hamilton & Hare


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Pyjama Cuban Shirt