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Aladdin The Musical – The Perfect Way To Spend Your Valentines

A few weeks ago Josie and I took some time out for a ‘date night’ and ventured into town for a romantic evening.  We both have pretty hectic schedules and it’s important to set aside a day or an evening for some one on one down time and to switch off!

Living in London we are fortunate to be surrounded by some fantastic restaurants and things to do, but I often find it difficult planning something a bit different and away from the standard ‘date night meal’.  

Girls love musicals, fact.  I on the other hand have never been hugely excited by the prospect of 3 hours of singing and dancing, but after a bit of research, Aladdin The Musical stood out.  The reviews are strong and  Aladdin is of course an iconic Disney film and childhood favourite for both Josie and I.

I’ll also admit I did have a childhood crush on Princess Jasmine (but don’t tell Josie) so it seemed like the ideal way to spend an evening away from our laptops and phones and in each others company.

The musical itself is quite breathtaking from start to finish and I must admit I was taken aback at the set in particular.  I am not a seasoned theatre goer by any means, but I have been to a few shows in the past couple of years.  No previous theatre set has been this spectacular, with the stage genuinely transforming multiple times in front of my eyes! The magic carpet is well, magical and I am still not entirely sure how they create such an effective illusion of it floating through the night sky during that iconic scene…

The costumes are another aspect that took me by surprise.  The level of detail was seriously impressive and it may sound a bit amateur but I was also taken aback by how quickly the actors were able to transform from outfit to outfit, each as dazzling as the previous.

A great plus about the Prince Edward Theatre is it is located right in the heart of Soho, so there are plenty of great options for food after the show, we opted for Flesh & Buns, an Asian ‘junk food’ restaurant and great place to cure any post-show hunger.

With Valentines fast approaching and as someone that often does leave things a bit last minute (!), why not treat the other half to something a bit different and special.  

There’s simply no better option than a West End Musical and Aladdin far exceeded my expectations.

To find out more about Aladdin The Musical click here

What will you be doing this Valentines? 

Do you have an all time favourite Disney film?


*This post was written in collaboration with Disney, but all views are my own.