Nov' 2006


An Autumn Staple, How To Style The Chore Jacket

The chore jacket perfectly encapsulates everything that makes workwear great: it’s functional, comfortable and rugged.  Plus, like denim jeans or the best men’s boots, the people who designed it weren’t concerned about whether it became the next runway phenomenon or not, so you’ll still be able to pull it out of the wardrobe year on year.

What Is A Chore Jacket?

If its name hadn’t already given the game away, the chore jacket was designed to be worn while carrying out, well, chores.

A thick construction and large patch pockets made it a firm favourite among labourers, mechanics, farmers and basically anyone whose job meant their clothes needed to withstand a hammering – no doubt literally, in some cases.

Adding a dash of heritage and personality to your outfit needn’t be a chore (!) when you’ve got one of these at your disposal.  Unless you’re a real fashion free spirit, chances are you wouldn’t pair a blazer with a pair of carpenter jeans, so wearing your chore jacket as part of a smart casual ensemble may seem a little counterintuitive.  But it can be done, and done right, it looks great.

Just imagine your chore jacket as an unstructured blazer and that will give you a pretty solid starting point to build your look around.

For smarter vibes, flannel trousers and white sneakers would work great and I’d avoid jeans to keep some level of formality and just keep it simple with a crew neck jumper and a T-shirt underneath. A nice mix of formal and casual.

It may have been built with practical applications in mind, but the style makes for a top-notch casual jacket.  The chore was made to be worn with jeans and when you pop one on with a pair you can tell.  To take things to the next level style-wise, I suggest experimenting with texture such as twill, denim or wool.

Always use a texture in the coat rather than something flat, otherwise the look can just blend into the background.  For the ultimate in lockdown comfort and style, I’d rock this with turned-up denim and Chelsea boots. Simple

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