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An Autumn Wardrobe Staple, The Wool Cable Knit

What defines a ‘wardrobe staple’? For me it’s quite simply an item of clothing that can form a starting point of a number of different looks, a piece that is both versatile and ultra wearable and that will never go out of fashion.  A proper wardrobe staple doesn’t have to answer to ‘trends’ and will take pride of place in any suitcase or weekend bag for years to come.

When discussing staples for the upcoming seasons, there is no better place to start than with the classic wool cable knit.  It is a wardrobe piece I have grown to love and is often one of the first items I’ll pack for a weekend away given it’s without a doubt the ultimate of base layers for autumn winter conditions.

Hailing originally from Ireland where it was worn by hardworking fishermen, by the 20th century it had evolved into a symbol of smart university style and even made it’s way onto the cricket fields of Lords and thus is often associated with the archetypal British gentleman.  The cable stitch pattern represents a fisherman’s rope and is a great way of adding texture to an outfit this season whilst also adding a very practical layer of warmth to combat the conditions.  

Whether you choose to layer over a classic Oxford button down, under a club blazer or varsity jacket, a classic cable knit will guarantee you warmth and style throughout the upcoming colder months.

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