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Cannabis Is Riding High Right Now, Two Addictive Scents

We’re all in search of our signature scent. I’ve found mine and it’s woody and smoky and has a whole load of punchy oud, ideal for this time of year when the air is cold and a powerful fragrance is required.  That said, it’s nice to mix things up from time to time and as we transition through the seasons I like to have a couple of fragrances on the go, to suit different scenarios and weather conditions. 

Traditionally you would look to wear a woody or smoky fragrance during October, November and December, to evoke the falling of the leaves and seasonal shift towards winter.  However, in 2019 it should come as little surprise that some of our newest favourite scents are the ones that defy traditions and are almost indescribable in their complexity.  Introducing Cannabis accord, which is continually making a cameo in new, chic perfumes and colognes.

Back in the day people used to put perfume or cologne on to mask the smell of cannabis, but following on from the emergence and popularity of CBD in skincare and nutrition, people are finally embracing the skunky and stand out smell of those notorious green leaves.

What does Cannabis accord actually smell like you ask?  Well, for starters, not at all like weed, and also not terpenes, the essential oils naturally found in the cannabis plant.  As a fragrance note, it reads vaguely floral, with a hint of green herby earthiness that defies seasonal trends — and is perfectly legal!

Here’s a couple of my current favourites that I’m spritzing from head to toe this season:


Cannabis. By Malin + Goetz

As far as I’m aware, Malin + Goetz were the first main stream brand to utilise Cannabis accord within a fragrance and it is no real surprise given the brand’s cheeky and rule breaking approach to skincare and grooming.

Cannabis is riding high right now (!) and this ultra creative fragrance balances spicy herbs, white floral notes and a hint of lingering smokiness for a fragrance that is more subtle and mature than its name’s reputation would indicate.  The scent is inspired by warm top notes of bergamot and black pepper that are tempered perfectly with heart notes of a floral magnolia scent.  Base notes of cedar wood laced with sophisticated patchouli and warm sandalwood lock in the mysteriously woody, herbaceous aroma, providing the perfect scent without any THC-inspired side effects!

It won’t give you the munchies, but this carefully-crafted cologne combines spicy herb notes with a hint of lingering woodsy-ness for a “highly” effective and manly potion.

When To Wear – A solid all-rounder, it’s a great alternative to the more traditional woody scents this season. 

Top Notes – Bergamot, Black Pepper, Orange

Middle –  Cannabis Accord, Muguet, Magnolia

Base – Cedar wood, Patchouli, Sandalwood

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Pacific Cannabis By Baxter Of California

Baxter of California is a brand that most of you will now be familiar, founded in the east coast and renowned for ultra cool and effective skincare and grooming products, and the maker of my favourite face scrub!  Pacific Cannabis launches tomorrow and is an eau de parfum that tries to encapsulate ‘a day at Venice beach enjoying the laid back vibes of Cali’. 

With pink pepper, rosemary and bergamot it is immediately fresh and energising with a heart of cannabis accord (no actual cannabis is used, the oil has been replicated by using other plants), lavender and sage, drying down to patchouli, tonka bean and a oceanic driftwood offering a hint of woodiness.

When To Wear – Great for a  post-workout spritz, it is both uplifting, energetic and ultra fresh.  A refreshing alternative to all that oud and leather that you’ll be coming into contact with this season.

Top Notes – Pink Pepper, Rosemary, Bergamot

Middle – Cannabis Accord, Lavender Essence, Sage

Base – Driftwood Accord, Patchouli, Tonka

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