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Commuter Style, What To Wear To Work When It’s Raining

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The unpredictability of British Spring can leave most gents unprepared for the unexpected downpour followed by blazing heat before you have even made it into work.  Fear not, we’ve got you covered with some handy hints on how to prepare for those unexpected downpours and stay comfortable throughout this transitional weather!

When the sky is full of gloomy, dark clouds threatening a full day of rain it is important to really consider your outfit for the day ahead.  Unfortunately, the weather will dictate your ensemble, as wearing your favourite suede shoes will end in a disaster or leave you tiptoeing around, fearful of the slightest rain mark.

Here’s a few rules to abide by as we move into the new season:


  • No suede as even the slightest of showers will leave a mark behind and the toughest of protectors will not defend like your favourite football team. The suede Chelsea boots have earned their day off for a more drier climate.
  • Decide against heavy fabrics as when wet will take a long time to dry leaving your legs slightly damp all day long.
  • Opt for a strong, bold colour as lighter shades such as white could turn transparent and lead to indecent exposure at the wrong times.


  • Wear a tough shoe fabric like nubuck leather, which allows for the rain to slide off effortlessly. A rubber sole is also preferred to avoid slipping to the ground unexpectedly.
  • Pack or wear a coat that’s waterproof! Gone are the days of ugly macs from our childhood welcoming sophisticated versions in a variety of styles and colours that will compliment your look ensuring that your outfit will remain dry when the heavens do decide to open.
  • Wear a lighter weight trouser such as a cotton chino or light denim that will dry quite quickly when wet.
  • Always carry an umbrella when the day ahead is set for rain to protect yourself and your outfit from the heavy downpour.
  • Ensure the bag you are carrying is waterproof to avoid your essentials getting soaked in the shower.

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Stay dry out there chaps!