The knitted polo is hard to define – most modern polo shirts are made out of a cotton knit anyway but for the most part it will have loosely ribbed sleeves and hem, soft, three-buttoned plackets (or no buttons at all) that fly out wider than your ordinary polo shirt, a taper to the waist and a cut higher than a regular polo just above the waistband of your trousers.  The fabric will cling a little to your upper body and have a markedly different feel – soft and cushy as opposed to the hard wearing pique.

If it’s something you could imagine Dickie Greenleaf rocking then you’re on the right tracks. And that should be all the proof you need of its timeless good looks.

Tucking into chino shorts lends the knitted polo the air of Armie Hammer in Call Me By Your Name, but like Armie make sure to opt for a neutral beige or white so the shirt can really stand out. The deep V of the collar and the high cut of the sleeves on some options also make them a flattering shape for those with a toned upper body.

Wear with slim tapered or pleated trousers to keep the silhouette trim or floaty wide legs to tap into that 1950s Hollywood chilling on the lot vibe, with a luxe suede jacket over the top as we move into the chillier months.