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Episode VI – Return Of The Clean Shave

Facial hair is forever a contentious subject, with many differing opinions out there
as to how to style your facial fuzz. This time of year it can be particularly challenging with darker mornings and less time in the early hours to get everything done, the last thing you want to do upon getting out of bed is fill up your bathroom sink and commence with a wet shave or beard ‘trim’.

Beards have been all the rage for the past few years but the traditional wet
shave has been making a return on the catwalks and the streets in 2017 and I
have to agree that a well-groomed, clean-shaven face is a solid look going into
the New Year.

With the temperature about to seriously drop, it’s actually the perfect time to
consider changing up the beard or stubble for the clean shaven look.
Research has shown that having a face free from fur will work in your favour in
the colder months. During winter it’s of up-most importance you take extra
care of the skin on your face and without any hair blocking the way, things
become a lot more manageable and easily maintained.  This winter it is
time to embrace the clean-shaven look!

Given the time it can take to keep on top of the ‘clean shaven’ look, I recently went
electric and started to use the Philips Star Wars Special Edition R2-D2 Men’s electric
Shaver (SW3700)
, a compact electric shaver designed
for the closest of shaves.

 Philips has collaborated with Star Wars (one of my all-time favourite film franchises!)
to bring the new film Star Wars: The Last
to life across their latest collection of shavers.  In this
instance the SW3700 is inspired by a film favourite, R2-D2, a real unsung hero of the saga!

This special edition shaver makes shaving extremely straight forward and convenient,
catching the hair as you go and helping you get a smooth look as quickly as

Here are a few tips for maximising your shave time in the morning and making the
most of this little beauty to get the cleanest of shaves so you are ready and
set for ‘battle’ and the day ahead.

Choose Your Weapons:

For any skincare or grooming routine it’s important to choose the right products to
suit you and in this case the right products to suit the weather
conditions.  Given the cold temperatures it’s important to keep your skin
hydrated and when shaving this is particularly important, so be sure to pick up
a heavier moisturiser to protect your skin during Winter.

When it comes to the shave itself, the Philips SW3700 is
a fantastic all rounder and with the built-in pop-up trimmer there’s everything
in one device to ensure you get a clean and tidy shave.

Preparation Is Paramount:

It may sound cliche but those who fail to prepare, should be prepared to fail and
that applies to all manner of tasks whether it be fighting off Stormtroopers on
some distant planet (!) or your everyday shaving routine!

Step 1 of any shaving process should be focused on the preparation.  When it
comes to shaving and removing hair from your face, it’s important to remove any other impurities and dead skin prior to the shave itself.  I tend to use a face scrub to remove dirt and unclog pores before picking up the shaver.

Using an exfoliator pre-shaving also has the added benefit of ‘lifting’ the
hairs and essentially making them easier to remove.

Use The Force:

For the best possible shave it’s all about using the right tools.  The Philips SW3700 utilises
4-direction flex heads that move with the contours of your jawline and neck,
catching as many hairs as possible for an efficient shave.  The ‘comfort
cut’ blades are designed to cut close and glide smoothly across your skin
whilst shielding it from nicks and cuts.

 I was really impressed with minimal mess after shaving and the shaver head itself
catches pretty much every hair, so no post-shave cleaning.  This is a big
result if you’re always rushing around in the mornings like me!

Unlike traditional wet shaving you don’t need to concern yourself with the directions
of movement so much and the shape of the shaver head makes the harder spots
easy to access.

Another huge positive is the battery life, I’m yet to charge up my shaver having used
it four times already for an all over shave.  The shaver utilises a lithium-ion battery that allows up to 13 shaves from a single charge, more impressive than the classic lightsaber I would imagine!?

Choose A Side:

Shaving isn’t all about the face and neck and its important not to neglect the
sideburns.  The SW3700 has a nifty pop-up trimmer that makes shaping the sideburns simple and straightforward!

Ifound the trimmer particularly handy when it comes to the ‘moustache area’ and
getting those final hairs around the nostrils! It pays to have an eye for
detail, so once you’ve shaved all over, pop up the trimmer and address the
harder to reach areas for a final trim!

Post-Shave Tactics:

Once clean and smooth, the battle is almost won… but don’t forget the final step to keep your skin looking fresh.  A decent moisturiser is needed to re-hydrate the skin and help you fight off the cold winds and pollutants in the air.

I’m a big fan of a moisture balm this time of year, it’s a bit heavier than the gel based products on the market and leaves my skin feeling well-nourished 24/7.

The Philips SW3700 is available online and at under £120 would make the perfect Christmas gift and stocking filler this year.  Check out the other shavers in the Star Wars
collection here and pick your side!

Which side will you choose when it comes to facial
hair this winter?

What are your thoughts on the clean-shaven look?


*This post was written in collaboration with Philips UK, however all thoughts and
views shared are my own *

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out in cinemas on 14th December