Feb' 2007


February Calls For A Fresh Coat & Fresh Approach

In seasons gone by I’d often splurge on a whole plethora of ‘average’ winter coats, buying multiple styles without really carrying out any real due diligence and thinking ahead to the kind of outfits these coats would work well with.  I’d often buy a coat as soon as I saw one I loved on a mannequin or website model, it may not have been the best quality or the most practical, but it was ‘affordable’ and it appealed to me in the moment.  A few of these coats have fared me well over the last few years, but many were short-lived, made a number of brief appearances before a swift exit to the local charity shop.  

I’m sure we’ve all been there, purchasing clothes without too much consideration?  ‘Investing’ in fast fashion items and not really thinking about the quality or long term durability is a dangerous game in the long run and is not just wasteful but also potentially very harmful to the environment. 

Upon reflection there were of course ‘benefits’ as a fashion blogger to this buying approach, more new coats meant more ‘fresh’ content for the gram and blog – so all good right?  Not so.  Simply put, if you buy a ‘cheap’ or ‘fast fashion’ coat it is likely that price tag will be an accurate reflection of its quality and manufacturing, thus it won’t last beyond a season, most probably destined for landfill.  In addition to this, I’d always ask you to refer back to a ‘price per wear’ equation.  A cheap coat worn 10 times vs a more pricey coat worn 40 times actually means the more expensive piece works out less expensive in the long run, given you’ve got more wear out of the coat.  This is now something I’ll always try and bear in mind whenever I’m looking to add to my wardrobe and I’d suggest you guys follow suit – better for the planet and better for your wallet.

In the last few years I’ve shifted my approach to my purchasing habits and in particular when it comes to fashion buys and new wardrobe additions.  Instead of splurging on vast amounts of ‘fast fashion’, I’ve been investing in one or two very high quality, perfect fitting and more ‘investment’ pieces of clothing.  This approach is particularly fruitful when it comes to coats and outwear, where quite simply the quality of manufacturing and materials will always shine through.  Look for a high wool content and a timeless design, a wool peacoat is a solid investment given it’s classic shape and versatile nature or a classic wool overcoat.

No more six versions of a wool peacoat in different shades of navy or with slightly different detailing.  Invest in a good quality peacoat and then each season add another investment coat to start building out that outwear capsule collection that will ultimately last season upon season, year after year.