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Freshen Up Your Bathroom Cabinet, Five New Grooming Products I’m Obsessed With Right Now!

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I’m forever trying out new products and skincare launches and I thought I would share a few new favourites that have made it into my daily grooming routine and nudged out some old die hard regulars!



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Every guy needs a trusty exfoliator in his life and whether it’s for before shaving or just as a general skin energiser for a tired looking complexion, using an exfoliator is a crucial step in any skin routine.

I was really impressed with this new ‘smooth sugar’ scrub from L’Oreal Paris (I must admit I actually nabbed this one from Josie!).  I find some exfoliating scrubs much too harsh but this bad boy is just gentle enough and it harnesses the power of coffee grains to draw out impurities, detoxify your skin and leaves the skin feeling ultra fresh and ‘awake’!

Another positive is the scrub is made up ingredients of ‘100% natural origin’ which is always good to see these days with so many potentially harmful chemicals in other skincare products.

*When To Use – Before shaving to help raise the hairs and remove dead skin cells aiding skin cell renewal and reducing the chance of ingrown hairs.

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“A razor blade gliding through shaving cream is like a great skier carving their way with precision down a ski slope” Frederic Malle.

If ever there’s a grooming ESSENTIAL it’s a decent razor and shave gel combo.

If you have sensitive skin like me, the newly launched Gillette SkinGuard Range is an absolute game-changer.  Specifically designed for those of us that struggle with post-shave redness and shave bumps, the innovative new blade features a unique guard bar in between the blades.  This bar helps gently smooth and flatten the skin as you shave, reducing any skin tug and ultimately providing a much more comfortable shaving experience.

*When To Use – I tend to shave every other day, use in the morning after a hot shower.

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I’ve always been a huge advocate of Clarins and their moisturisers have been a long-standing regular in my bathroom cabinet, so I was excited by this new launch, 3 new moisturisers all focused on ‘super moisture’ and hydration.

I’m a big fan of both the ‘balm’ and the ‘gel’ products and if you’ve got oily skin like me you’ll want to look for products like this that help to regulate oil production, without leaving your face feeling dry.

I have been using the gel for the past week and my skin certainly feels smoother, fresher and more hydrated.  The clear, gel-like consistency does take some getting used too, if you’re used to cream-based moisturisers though but don’t be put off, it still does an excellent job of keeping your skin nice and moisturised!

*When To Use – Every morning after shaving and/or cleansing.

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My night time skincare routine is still a work in progress and until recently I didn’t really do much before bed time.  I’ve since come to realise the importance of a couple of night focused products, to help skin renewal and repair while we count the sheep…

 Josie is often the inspiration for much of what I put on my skin and I recently grabbed this from her bedside table, the SuperSkin Concentrate from Liz Earle.

This night time oil is ideal for hydrating the skin after a day exposed to pollution and the elements and I have noticed improvements almost immediately, waking up with a much plumper and fresher looking complexion!

Don’t be afraid of the oily nature of this product, I was initially apprehensive but I have come to learn that putting oils on oily skin can actually really help with both blemishes and general appearance.

*When To Use – Just before bed after your evening cleanse to leave your skin glowing come the morning.

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Have you guys tried any of the above? Would love to get your thoughts,


*This blog post features a number of ‘gifted’ products, however as always all thoughts, opinions and views shared are very much my own.