Jan' 2022


Go Back To Black This Winter

There’s a time for vibrancy.  Whether it’s the summer’s trending Hawaiian shirts or a tie that injects some much-needed life into your business-casual looks during the colder months, the colour wheel rarely stops spinning.  But when you’re tired of wondering whether lemon and mauve go (they don’t, by the way) know that darker tones always have your back.

Black is always the new black.  It’s never a ‘Colour of the Year’ because it’s the lack-of-colour of every year – the shade that won’t clash, won’t add pounds, and won’t tell tales when you spill an espresso down yourself.  It’s as happy at work as it is in clubs, or shutting down the front row.  But it’s happiest in certain wardrobe staples, the workhorses that form the sturdy foundations of every good look.

When it comes to trying your own all-black look then, be aware of fabric choice.  Look to mix corduroy with wool, leather jackets with denim and cashmere with cotton – the more, the better.  This’ll give a bit of life to what you’re wearing and will prevent things from looking too flat and similar. For example, a black cotton shirt paired with black trousers of the same fabric will make you look like either a waiter or a bouncer, and nobody wants that.

Once you’ve got this simple rule down, all-black is a walk in the park, which is part of the appeal in the first place.  Not only is it easy to combine garments, investing in black clothing could actually save you money since everything goes together. 

Due to the very nature of the shade, black has a whiff of villainy about it.  Wear an all-black look and chances are you’ll instantly feel a little cooler than you did a moment ago.  All-black is Batman flying through Gotham and Jon Snow saving Westeros.  All-black is cool and it is dead easy to pull off.

Striking, timeless and versatile, look no further than the a classic head to toe black look this winter.

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