Sep' 2028


Go Neutral This Autumn

Colour has long been a contentious subject in menswear. While some guys pride themselves on broaching the punchier realms of the colour wheel, most are content to keep things low-key.

But while blink-and-miss-’em colours like black, white, grey and beige have always been a mainstay in the minimalist wardrobe, in recent years they’ve been thrust into the limelight.

So what does that mean for your wardrobe?  Well, neutrals are no longer the supporting act – they’re taking centre stage.  

What Are Neutrals?

Don’t be fooled into thinking neutrals are just shades of off-white.  A neutral colour is any ‘non-colour’ i.e. any colour that doesn’t appear on the traditional colour wheel, including black, grey, white and earth tones like beige and khaki.

In practice, the term ‘neutrals’ also refers to a series of colours that work together, even when thrown together in the dark (a real possibility in the winter months.). For this reason, sticking to these shades makes building a capsule wardrobe a cakewalk, providing the perfect foundation of which to add layers or pops of colour.

In terms of accessibility, a neutral palette will always offer an appropriate style option for any occasion, any time of year, and there’s always a neutral shade and combination to suit everyone.  Plus, if you’re shopping on a budget, these hues have an ability to elevate a look, as even on inexpensive materials they generally give off the look of natural fabrics which are usually pricier.

Many use the word ‘beige’ as a synonym for boring, but when put across some sharply-cut tailoring, it’s a far cry from flat.  Growing weary of your well-worn navy suit?  Beige, then – haters be damned – is the antidote.

Flying in the face of the tedium its name suggests, beige is actually a pretty ‘busy’ colour.  Which means you’ll be attracting enough attention without going overdrive elsewhere.  Steer well clear of loud accessories and try complementary solid colour styles in blue, burgundy and darker shades of grey and err conservative with classic black boots for a grounding base.

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