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How To Layer Like A Pro This Autumn Winter

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One of my favourite things about Autumn Winter fashion is the introduction of layering.  I spend the Summer months frustrated at the limitations in menswear and often longing for Autumn and the introduction of different textures, colours and layers that take a look from average to stand out.

Layers will not only add a different dimension to your outfits but allow you to adjust your outfit to the changeable weather conditions with ease, whilst maintaining a strong sense of style!

Here’s a few tips to master the art of layering this season:

 Think Practical:

In Winter you’ll often be moving between hot and cold environments meaning layering can be crucial to staying comfortable.  Being able to remove an outer layer on the commute without compromising the style of your outfit is the best thing about layering.  So rule number one is basically making sure each separate piece looks good alone as well as with other pieces.

Layer Thin To Thick:

This is not an absolute rule, but usually, your under layer should be your thinnest garment and the outer the thickest. This means it’s easier to regulate your temperature and it gives the outfit a regular sense of depth. For instance, if it’s particularly cold when you go out you will have lots of layers to keep you warm. However, if it then becomes warmer when you’re out, or you go inside, you can remove layers and cool down without compromising the style of your outfit.  Merino wool is always a solid option and I particularly like ‘mock-turtlenecks’ – slick, warm and stylish under almost any coat.

Keep Your Colour Combinations Tonal:

Lots of layers is great but only if you remember the key rule, stick to one major tone or colour palette.  Don’t get me wrong, certain contrasting colour combos can work but primarily the colours should stay tonal and compliment each other well. Nothing too bright or random and you’ll have a solid look.

Add Texture:

Texture is crucial when it comes to menswear for Autumn Winter and adding one textured piece to a look can take it from average to stand-out instantly. I’m a big fan of chunky roll necks, chunky knitwear and contrasting fabrics in general and whether it’s your coat or base layer, one textured layer is always a winner.

Invest In Over-shirts:

Over-shirts are a new obsession of mine and they seem to be more popular than ever.  A great second or third layer, they can be worn buttoned up for a smarter vibe or unbuttoned for a more casual, comfortable look.  I particularly like a classic wool over-shirt, ultra versatile and a great addition to your wardrobe if your someone that travels a lot given they can be styled in all manner of ways.

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