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How To Photograph Food Like A Pro

The perfect food shot can make or break a restaurant these days and I don’t know about you guys, but I will almost always check a restaurant’s Instagram before visiting.  Instagram dictates how many of us choose our restaurants and whether right or wrong, the quality of imagery can have a huge impact on footfall and success.  I’ve found the likes of TripAdvisor to become increasingly unreliable over the past few years, it is a platform that is oversaturated with reviews and it can be hard to know who to believe or what comments are reliable.  This is where I see a huge opportunity for bloggers and content creators, through honest and trusted reviews, we can play a big part in driving people to the best restaurants out there and helping people avoid the disappointing ones!

So whether you are looking to up your photography game at home or when out and dining about, here’s a few things to consider when photographing any grub:

It’s All About That Lighting:

For the very best results, photograph your food near a window, particularly if the restaurant lighting is lacking or harsh.  Yellow artificial light changes the colour of food, so use natural light to your advantage.

Attention To Detail:

A spritz of oil & sprinkling of pepper can take a food dish to the next level and I always like to give my food a drizzle to add a little glitz and bring the dish to life.  Consider all the objects around the plate of food you are photographing, nothing spoils a food snap like an overly busy table!

Don’t Over Edit:

Editing is of course a big part of photography these days whether it’s a fashion snap or a food photo, but I always try to avoid editing much (if anything!) when it comes to my food snaps.  The key is to adjust brightness or contrast if the original image is a little dark, but avoid changes to the colour or food itself, the best food out there shouldn’t need editing.  Try using apps like Afterlight to bring up the brightness of images and avoid that over editing!

Taste Is More Important Than Looks:

A great photo is always a nice feeling but the aesthetics of the food and restaurant are not the be-all-and-end-all.  If you’re a real foodie in London, you won’t go off purely an image and there is still a lot to be said for exploring side streets and  stumbling across hidden gems.  I typically operate on one general rule, if a menu is more than one page, I will avoid, less is always more.