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Invest Wisely This Season To Be More Sustainable

Someone recently messaged me on Instagram to enquire as to why I often post images wearing the same clothing pieces week after week and it got me thinking… this world we live in encourages an unhealthy approach to purchasing, pushing us into buying a whole new wardrobe season after season.   We are constantly marketed to and made to believe that we need this or that in order to keep up with the latest trend or style.  In menswear it’s arguably easier to fight against this, with trends hardly changing season on season but with the emergence of fast fashion labels and the growth of online next day delivery, it’s all too easy to be tempted into buying something new to replace an item of clothing that is arguably still well up to task.

I’m as guilty as anyone when it comes to impulse buying and working in the industry has made my impulse purchasing worse if anything, coming into contact with new brands every day and new items I never knew I needed…! But taking a step back I think it is important we all remember the key thing – clothes were made to be worn, to be loved and we all have a responsibility to take better care of this planet we are guests on.  Once again I’m not one to preach and I have lots of areas I can improve on with regards to sustainability in my day to day life, but your wardrobe is one obvious (and easy area) you can affect and this has added benefits such as saving your hard earned cash and getting more wear out of much loved items.

I’m a strong believer in versatile investments and building a ‘capsule wardrobe’ – items that will work with multiple outfits & for various occasions.  It goes without saying that adopting this approach when investing in new clothing is a much more sustainable way of building a wardrobe and although it takes more thought, is well worth the extra time to ensure everything you buy gets worn and justifies its price tag.  When looking at making new purchases and adding to that wardrobe, think about the ‘price per wear’, consider investing in higher quality items and pieces that will work well with all manner of outfits. 

A couple of key areas to look at are your base level staples, knitwear that can form the base of multiple looks and trousers that will work well with all manner of shoes and coats.  Here are a couple of pieces I’ve been loving recently and two very different outfits that showcase  how staple pieces can be styled up differently.

Smart Casual

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Commuter Ready

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My fashion mantra – nothing overcomplicated, just a few key staple pieces paired with a statement layer and/or stand out shoe, finished off with some detailed accessories.