Feb' 2017


Is The Overshirt The New Cardigan?

Lose the cardigan and turn your overshirts into outwear this season.  Whether they are worn solo or with weather-appropriate layers underneath, turn to a classic overshirt for ease and adaptability this season.  Perfect for transitional months, exuding low-key luxury the overshirt is a staple in any man’s wardrobe for a very good reason – it’s an easy way to dress up or down any outfit and is the perfect layering piece. Taking you through the year and from day to night, it’s a versatile necessity and here is your guide on what one is and how to style it.

What Is An Overshirt?

To put it simply, there’s no real definitive term of what an overshirt is.  To add to the ambiguity, an overshirt is technically not a regular shirt or a light jacket but can be worn as both.  It will typically have shirt features such as a collar and pocket, but can be buttoned down or have a zip, and are made from fabrics such as heavy wool, so you can distinguish them from a shirt.  They are the perfect layering addition in autumn and winter months and are also fantastic for warmer months if you get a little chilly, the key is they can be added or removed from any outfit seamlessly.

How To Wear An Overshirt

 – A good overshirt can be worn both on its own and as a layering piece.  Wear it over a plain white T-shirt for a smart casual look or over a roll neck for something a little smarter.

– Tone down an outfit with a neutral coloured overshirt, or add a pop of colour with something brighter.

– Try out different fabrics to achieve different styles.  Suede gives off a more dynamic, stylised look, whereas something like corduroy has a casual, sturdy vibe.  A wax overshirt will offer added durability and are great to pull off that workwear trend with ease.

– Try out different styles. You can get an overshirt that has plenty of practical pockets or one that resembles a thick shirt.  

This light zip overshirt is the perfect transitional piece and is an ideal piece for your wardrobe.  Layer it with a simple grey embroidered T-shirt to create a focal point for your outfit. Finish the whole thing off with some light tapered jeans and you’ve got a great casual look.

Ultimately, the overshirt is a diamond in the rough if you will.  It’s a wardrobe necessity to take you through the year, particularly those in-between seasons when it’s either too warm for a jacket but too cold for just a tee.  With such a wide range of styles and fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless with this item.  Opt for zips for a casual look, or buttons for a dress up look or go for quilted and technical for cold months or heavy cotton for a year-round piece. The overshirt is a great wardrobe addition for any man, so make the most of it. 

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