Jun' 1923


Italian Summers In A Bottle


When it comes to the perfect summer escape, nowhere seems quite as dazzling or faultless, or completely unbothered by its own sparkling perfection as Italy’s sun-soaked Amalfi Coast.

Summers spent on the unchanging shores of Positano were the inspiration behind this timeless fragrance by Clive Christian.  Spicy fresh bergamot, mandarin and zesty sea breeze provide sunny top notes reminiscent of sprawling, blooming Italian citrus groves.  Orange blossom and vanilla add a smooth creaminess like sun-warmed skin, while a base of wood, amber and warming ginger offer the intensity of long Mediterranean evenings spent among cold beers and good conversation.

Clive Christian captures the heady aromas of the Amalfi Coast in a fragrance so clean and sparkling it could be worn by either gender and one spritz is enough to submerge yourself in Positano’s flourishing landscape at its seasonal peak – no plane ticket required.

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