Nov' 1819


It’s All About The Scent Of Leather This Winter


With the start of a brand new season comes the opportunity to change up your scent game and reach for something a little more powerful and better suited to the change in air temperature and change in your clothing.  Our nostrils can become overly familiar with a particular fragrance and refreshing your daily scent for a new season is just as important as updating your wardrobe.

I’ve always loved wearing the most powerful and punchy of scents from November through to February and there’s a real continuing theme of leather within men’s fragrance at the moment.  The scent of leather is man-made, it can’t be harvested or cultivated and this makes it an entirely unique scent, guaranteed to turn heads this Winter.

These cold-weather fragrances will add warmth to your outfits, here’s my favourite five.

Ombre Leather by Tom Ford


A scent that truly befits the man himself, elegant and suave with a really impactful top note of leather straight from the off.  Think biker jacket leather mixed with earthy moss and woody patchouli, adding a real late Autumn vibe to this fragrance.

Tom Ford recently ‘re-launched’ this fella as a stand alone scent and has since discontinued the original private blend.  The benefit, a much snazzier bottle and significantly more affordable price tag!

*Pair this fragrance with a cashmere roll-neck and tailored trousers (blazer optional) for a night out on the town.

Shop the fragrance here – RRP £105 for 100ml


Russian Leather by Molton Brown


Close your eyes and think of cowboy boots and crackling campfires.  Russian leather is warm and leathery, with really sensual top notes.  It’s success lies in its use of Siberian pine and birch, creating a fresh yet woody scent that can be worn on any occasion and it’s ideal if you are looking for something comforting but still ultra sexy – a great fragrance for everyday wear.

*Pair this fragrance with a biker jacket, dark jeans and leather kicks for the ultimate in casual workwear. 

Shop the fragrance here – RRP £39.99 for 50ml


Colonia Leather by Acqua Di Parma


Sophisticated, luxurious and addictive – three words that perfectly describe Colonia Leather from Acqua Di Parma.

Dominated by rich, smoky notes of leather accord and cedar at its base, the scent softens over time thanks to sweet and green splashes of raspberry, rose, honeysuckle and red thyme oil.   With a fairly lumpy price tag it’s one for those special occasions when you are looking to make an impact, whether that be an important client meeting or date with a special someone, it’s guaranteed to get people talking.

I particularly like how long the cologne lingers, be sure to spritz on your knitwear for longer lasting power.

*Pair this fragrance with a mock-turtleneck, wool over shirt and smart trousers (overcoat optional) for those all important occasions.

Shop the fragrance here – RRP £179.99 for 100ml


The One, Grey by Dolce & Gabbana


A scent for the everyday man, Grey by D&G is classic, smooth and masculine all rolled into one bottle.  The inclusion of tobacco gives it a real warmth that reminds me of a late night speakeasy and the use of vetiver adds to the spicey overtone.  A versatile fragrance that I’ll be packing for any Weekend getaways for the ideal all-rounder this season.

*Pair this fragrance with a classic wax jacket, jeans and leather boots for a day Christmas shopping or crisp afternoon walking the dogs.

Shop the fragrance here – RRP £60 for 100ml


Royal Oud by Creed


Creed is a brand I’ve only recently been introduced to and I’ve become instantly addicted!  I’ve always loved statement scents and Royal Oud is a fragrance I just can’t get enough of at the moment, inspired by the Persian princes of old it’s warm, leathery and woody, all at the same time.  Combining traditional oud with a whole load of woody scents including cedar and sandalwood, it’s perfectly suited to the Autumn Winter transition and for those of you looking to really make a strong first impression.

*Pair this fragrance with your tux for the festive party season to make the ultimate impression on your colleagues and loved ones.

Shop the fragrance here – RRP £170 for 50ml


What will be your go-to scent for the Winter months and festive season?