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Keeping Track Of The Hounds With V-Pet By Vodafone

Facetune_16-04-2018-13-42-53When asked what is my most prized possession, the answer is pretty straightforward, my two handsome hounds.  They are like children to Josie and I and life just wouldn’t be the same without them and their mischievous antics!

We’ve had Dexter for nearly three years and Dickens for just over a year and it’s not a surprise that they both became important members of the family almost instantly.  Any pet owners reading this will agree that their pets are an integral part of every day life and the thought of losing them is beyond a nightmare and almost unthinkable.

Although not the quickest of breeds, Dachshunds love an explore and this can bring a number of challenges.  When taking them for walks there are multiple ‘distractions’ and living in London means that sadly there’s also an abundance of dangerous roads and people.  As a result of this growing fear inside of me,  I’ve been searching for a pet tracker, but there are so many options out there.

I discovered the V-Pet by Vodafone a couple of weeks back and Vodafone kindly sent one through to trial.  They launched ‘V by Vodafone’, a range of smart devices connected to the Vodafone network that you can manage from your smart phone through the V by Vodafone app.  V-Pet is one of those devices, allowing GPS tracking and activity monitoring a range of smart devices you can track from your smart phone.

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V-Pet by Vodafone allows you to follow every single paw print and track your beloved pets’ movements, whether that be out walking or when you are away from the house, allowing you to stay close even when you aren’t nearby.

The set up is extremely straightforward, all you need to do is purchase a V-Pet by Vodafone, which includes the Vodafone V-Sim, and then download the V by Vodafone App and Kippy App and set up your subscription.  Once set up you can find their location straight from your mobile and it’s rather impressive how you can keep an eye on your pet from such a distance!


I found the battery life to be another huge plus – I checked in a few times a day and it lasted nearly three days before requiring charging and the tracker is both water-resistant and shock absorbent, essential if your pets are anything like Dexter and Dickens and love a good ‘puddle bath’ (!!)

The tracker itself is also well designed for both collars and harnesses.  It was pleasing to see it catered for both options as many trackers out there are very much focused on the dog collar market which is limiting.

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Within the app itself you can create a ‘safe zone’ by drawing a ‘fence’ around a specific area.  If the chaps wonder outside of this zone the app will notify me and this has been a fantastic addition for when visiting my parents who have a large garden with sections that aren’t particularly secure.

Another benefit of the V-Pet by Vodafone is its ability to track movement and monitor your pets’ activities.  Through tracking their every move, the app can then feedback tips on how to improve your pet’s wellbeing and overall health, a massive bonus, although in Dexter and Dickens’ case it’s more a case of keeping an eye on what they are up to!

Facetune_16-04-2018-12-05-24Overall I was extremely impressed with this new gadget and I’m considering purchasing a second for Dickens to ensure both the hounds are covered.  If you are looking for some added security and ultimately some peace of mind then you can learn more about V-Pet by Vodafone  and V by Vodafone here.

Have you guys tried GPS trackers for your pets? 

What are your top tips on keeping your beloved pets safe?


*Ad. This post was written in collaboration with Vodafone to promote the launch of ‘V-Pet’, however all views and opinions shared are my own.

**For full functionality: a 30-day V-SIM plan, Vodafone network coverage and GPS signal are required. V by Vodafone products (except V-Auto) must be activated via the V by Vodafone app (available on Android and iOS devices only). Full terms and details at