Feb' 1902


Layering Up For An Afternoon Down The Pub


Layers, upon layers, upon layers – a rule to live by if you are to stay warm this Winter!

Dressing for comfort doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style and the key to achieving the perfect balance is the introduction of structured layering – the art of styling up using different clothing pieces, fabrics and textures.

Layering is a styling technique I love and in essence it’s an outfit made up of clothes upon clothes, with each piece acting like a step or stage in the overall look. But, to avoid looking like Michelin man the biggest thing to remember is this: layer thin to thick, and light to heavy.

This ensures that the most lightweight, breathable garments are closest to your skin, and the more durable, heavyweight pieces are protecting you from the elements. And, you can peel away the layers as your body temperature regulates to the indoor heat, after coming in from the cool.

Look at utilising different textures to add to the look – I’m a big fan of merino wool as a breathable base layer and then a wool over-shirt or bomber jacket for that perfect additional layer against the elements.  Look at an overcoat thats complimentary in colour tones and is big enough to cope with that additional layer.  Add in a scarf for that extra bit of warmth – perfect for an afternoon down the local or a day out watching the rugby with mates.


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What is your ‘go-to’ outfit for a comfy afternoon down the pub?