Menswear has moved on from the days when if you weren’t dressed in a suit, you weren’t dressed at all.  Granted, choice may still not be as wide as womenswear, but us menfolk gain more wiggle room with each season.  Enter corduroy trousers, the epitome of a classic wardrobe staple.  A new favourite for trousers of the cord variety is Incotex,  a brand that hails from Italy and sets a high watermark for impeccably cut trousers, most of which come packing pressed creases through the front to keep them looking smart. 

Somewhere between denim’s casualness and tailoring’s smarts, corduroy trousers go up or down depending on what they are paired with.  I’ve long adored corduroy fabric for its ability to withstand the test of time and makes for trousers that are more hardwearing than wool, but without denim’s roughness and their overall versatility is unquestionable.

*Pair with leather kicks for the ultimate weekender look.