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Make A Statement This September With A Campus Classic

When planning an outfit I’ll always look for one stand out, statement piece and then let the other clothing items work around my look.  ‘Statement’ to me means something that stands out, will generate intrigue and conversation and will ultimately help you stand out from those around you.

The definition of ‘campus style’ and a piece that instantly takes an outfit to another level of ‘preppiness’, the Varsity Jacket has a very colourful history.  It descended from jackets worn by baseball players of the 1860s, enabling players to wear the colours of their team with pride.  Their popularity grew and they fast became a much-loved part of the casual wardrobe.

This particular varsity jacket from GANT combines a number of different textures and this is one of the reasons I’m such a big fan, meaning in one single clothing piece you can bring in a whole world of textures and intrigue.  Boiled wool is a major component and a fabric that is both hardwearing and warm and the hooped cuffs make for the perfect finishing touch.

A varsity jacket is an investment piece to be worn and loved for years to come and perhaps even hand down to generations and it’s for that reason I recommend you look at purchasing a good quality and well made garment, GANT will always be one of my first stops.

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