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Man About Town’s Guide To Layering This Season

Here we are at an uncertain moment, the seasons are shifting and the outlook is extremely well, unpredictable.  In the UK, the weather has been doing all sorts of crazy things for months now and it’s safe to say that dressing appropriately for the conditions can be a real challenge! 

The only way to deal with this hugely inconsistent weather is to dress in outfits consisting of many layers, it really is all about that layering.  This will allow you to be readily prepared for a variety of temperatures and to move between a range of differing environments, from chilly and windy streets to heated or air-conditioned offices, in relative comfort.

Here are a few key pointers worth bearing in mind when planning an outfit this season;

All About That Base – 

The cardinal rule is to ensure that your outfit still works whenever you add or remove a layer.  Always pick pieces that compliment each other and work in tandem, pick colours and materials that respect one another.  Personally I like to choose a base layer that is either neutral or of one block colour and then work from there with adding textures and more stand out colours.  This way if needs must and you were to remove all other layers, your outfit will still look slick and smart.

Not A Time For Bulking –

As a general rule of thumb, your layers of clothing should start off thin and become progressively thicker as you move away from the body.  I like to start with a lightweight knit (think long-sleeve polo or roll neck) or a tee then layer over a classic Oxford shirt or thicker over-shirt and then a blazer, bomber, jacket or overcoat.  The outer layers should also be looser so you don’t lose any movement and ultimately this means that in colder weather it’s easy to remove the warmest layer to ensure you don’t boil over when you head indoors.

Approach Colour With Caution – 

Colour should always be approached with caution and when wearing multiple layers it is best to play it safe, you don’t want to end up looking like a traffic light.  Instead, think tone-on-tone dressing so that all the layers compliment one another.  Grey is a particularly easy colour to work with and of course black or white will work with all manner of combinations.  If you are feeling brave and looking to add a pop of colour to brighten up a particularly grey day, I’d advise on keeping all other layers a similar shade of colour to allow that one vibrant layer do all the talking.

The Eye Is The Finer Detail – 

Like most things in life,  having respect for the finer details will always pay dividends.  As we shift between seasons, layering will allow us to play around with different pieces without having to worry too much about the weather, it’s safe to assume it will be rather cold.  So why not experiment with over-shirts rather blazers or suede bombers instead of jackets.  Consider the fabric of all your accessories and mixing appropriate materials together, a tweed flat cap with a tweed or wool blazer or a knitted tie when rocking knitwear.

Ultimate always remember, each piece in the look should work independently and the lower layers should be appropriate to where you are going and your daily schedule, whether that be a meeting with clients or lunch with friends.

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