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My 5 Rules For Transitional Dressing

Now that summer is all but a distant memory and autumn is firmly upon us it marks that awkward few weeks where dressing doesn’t come easily, even to the most sartorially savvy amongst us.  I’ve compiled some general rules of thumb to live by to make this tricky period easier and to ensure you travel from one season to the next in impeccably appropriate style without sacrificing on comfort.


In my opinion, there are minimal amounts of fun to be had from adding to your wardrobe with something that will only sit, unworn, for months on end.  If you’re buying new season pieces now, opt for styles that will slip seamlessly into your autumn wardrobe as well as your winter and even spring one.  With this in mind, it becomes easy to build a bridge between the two, and the result is a relevant transitional wardrobe that will last longer than a few weeks.

Topping my list at the moment are timeless and versatile pieces; a suede jacket, a neutral knit, a new pair of suede chukka boots and the right pair of tailored trousers.  With a simple switch of styling, these will remain relevant throughout winter but are the perfect way to inject a slice of the new into your everyday rotation.


Whether it be a leather or suede jacket, a statement coat or ‘the’ pair of shoes that you fell in love with at first sight, there’s always a reason that you need next season’s hero piece.  My advice? Choose very wisely.  If you’re splashing out on something special this early on, you have to be sure that it will go the distance.   A hard-working suede jacket, for example, will work throughout the season and alongside all manner of outfits.  It’s the kind of piece that you can turn to day after day.  Alternatively, a classic pair of boots could prove to be just as much of a winner and will last for years to come.  


If you’ve followed Man About Town for a while you’ll have heard me mention the term ‘capsule collection’ on a number of occasions and it’s a term I’ve heard Josie using when referring to a collection of staple wardrobe pieces, items of clothing that will form the basis of your outfits for seasons to come.

When new-season styles start arriving online and in-store, it’s the perfect opportunity to build on your capsule wardrobe.  Collections typically launch with timeless classics that hint at the general aesthetic of the season ahead and they’re awash with wear-anywhere knits, tailored trousers and outerwear.  Use this time as an unquestionable excuse to invest in that perfect pair of tailored trousers or a pair of boots that you know you can wear with everything – there’s simply no better time.  I always live by the rule that you can never have too many mock-turtlenecks, the ultimate base layer.


Styling considerations are often forgotten on downtime, but with a little help from new season collections it’s easier than you might think to inject a seemingly casual look with an essence of your own personality.  If you’re starting with a simple jeans and T-shirt combination, you’ve got classic weekend dressing mastered, but with a few additional touches, you can elevate your look with minimal planning required. Think about your favourite accessory and give it a little more air time – be it a statement watch or a tweed flat cap – that additional extra will make a significant difference.  If you’re keen to take things one step further, a statement jacket is loaded with throw-on-and-go appeal but will showcase your stylish side and lend your look a personal edge.  


It’s a well-known fact that there’s a sense of rotation when it comes to trends.  What goes around comes back around and with menswear trends tend to last a little longer, a couple of years in many cases!  For this very reason, dressing for the season needn’t be a tricky task.  You’ve likely done it all before.  Right now, the focus is on supple suedes, fluid silhouettes and a safari-inspired colour palette.  I suggest nodding to these trends with wardrobe classics that you already own.  A fluid trench ticks all of the above, for example, and added bonus – it’s as classic as they come.  Suede jackets will not only update your wardrobe for now but also hold a certain timelessness that you’ll love forever.  `

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