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My Denim Rules To Live By

Although jeans are a menswear essential, buying the right pair is not always easy and things can get rather stressful when it comes to finding the perfect ones.  You’ve got to think about washes, fabrics, fits and designs and it can be a little overwhelming.  Thankfully, I’m here to help with the tedious task of finding the best men’s jeans for you this season!

Like any other wardrobe piece, with jeans you’ve got to find a balance between style, comfort, and practically.  Perhaps the most important thing is that they fit well.  There are fits available for every man, budget and body shape and often it’s about experimenting until you find your fit, which will involve lots of packages, lots of trying on and lots of returns. 

When you’re looking for a pair of jeans it can be difficult to decipher which ones will be best suited to you and your style.  With a plethora of brands available to you (budget dependent of course), here’s a few tips from Man About Town that should make purchasing that all important pair that little bit more straightforward.

Of course, not every style is going to suit everyone, but the trick is to pin point your body type and which jeans will suit you best.  If you have a smaller frame then the skinnier fits are best.  Super skinny, skinny, slim and straight cuts are always good as they keep your slender shape in proportion, allowing you to wear an equally as fitted top.  For those of you chunky guys, if you’ve been hitting leg day a lot then you’ll want to avoid the really skinny pairs.  Instead opt for straight, loose or Dad fit jeans.  If you’re not sure how to pull off such pairs then don’t panic as I’ve broken down each style and got the ultimate guide on what to wear it with:

Super-skinny Jeans for Men

Super-skinny jeans have recently made a real statement in the world of menswear.  These jeans are incredibly tight all over the leg, sometimes leaving little to the imagination.  Usually made up of very little denim material (more so elastane and other blends) they tend to wear a lot easier than most other jeans and if you get the fit bang on, can be the most comfortable of the lot.

Super-skinny jeans for men only really suit those who are of a tall and slender nature.  If you’re larger, then it’s best to avoid these jeans altogether as they’ll cling to every inch of your lower body, so only attempt these if you have extremely slender legs and upper body frame.

How to Style Super-Skinny Jeans

You’ll want to play with proportion a little when you’re wearing super-skinny jeans as you can easily throw it off if done wrong.  Take a crisp white shirt or a relaxed cotton hoody and team it with a larger coat like a rain mac.  This combo will give the illusion of proportion as the tightness of your jeans will create an extremely slim one, and if teamed with an extremely tight top, you can easily look like an over grown child.

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Skinny Jeans for Men

You may be thinking that super-skinny and skinny are in the same ball park, and you’re not wrong, but the difference with regular skinny jeans is that they’re slightly looser in the leg than its super-skinny counterpart.

Unlike super-skinny jeans, regular skinny jeans slightly skim over the entirety of the leg rather than cling to it. Slightly more forgiving, they still require someone quite slender to wear them, so again, if you’re of a slightly larger frame then I’d avoid going for a pair of skinny jeans.

How to Style Skinny Jeans

You don’t have to play with proportion as much as you would with super-skinny jeans as they aren’t as tight and unforgiving, but make sure you don’t go top heavy with what you’re wearing.  A simple roll neck jumper and wool peacoat will work perfectly with a pair of men’s skinny jeans as both pieces aren’t incredibly thick or overpowering for your proportion.  I always like wearing my skinny jeans with a ‘turn-up’ for some added detailing, particularly if I’m rocking a pair of leather lace-up boots.

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Slim Jeans for Men

Probably the most popular style of jeans worn by men in the world over, the slim jean offers a smart and sleek silhouette for men to wear.  They’re not as tight in the leg as skinny jeans, but, as the name suggests, give a slim shape to your leg.

Slim jeans suit the majority of men as they are forgiving in most respects.  However, if you’ve got larger legs than others, you may find that slim jeans are still a little tight around your legs.  If you are larger and are still a fan of slim leg jeans, then I suggest going a size up as they’ll be slightly looser in the leg whilst still giving you a slim silhouette.

How to Style Slim Jeans

Slim jeans can be worn with a plethora of looks and styles, so the world is really your oyster when it comes to slim jeans for men.  Personally, I favour more classic styles, so go for a pair of raw or selvedge denim jeans and team it with a simple shirt or over-shirt and a pair of leather boots for an easy and classic look.

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Tapered Jeans for Men

This may be a name you’ve never really come across before when shopping for jeans, but it’s a term that you’ll need to know.  Tapered jeans are jeans that are looser at the top of the leg and then taper to a more fitted shape from the knee downwards.  This means your jeans will be tighter around your calves than your thighs.

Tapered jeans are great for men who have slightly larger legs as they’re not form fitting the whole way around the leg and they are perfect if you still want to give off the illusion of a slim jean, but without all of the restrictions.

How to Style Tapered Jeans

Tapered jeans for men are easy to style as the proportions of your body aren’t thrown off as much as they would be with a tighter fitting pair of jeans. Go for a classic look with these jeans by wearing a simple, casual button down shirt and a warm jacket to keep out the elements.

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The world of jeans is wide, intricate and daunting and to find the best jeans for yourself it can take a lot of research and a little trial and error before you find the perfect pair.  Be sure to take into account your own personal style and what you want from a pair of jeans and you can then start to narrow down some styles of jeans for yourself.  Once you’ve cracked it you’ll be ready to tackle any season and trend because you’ll have a great pair of jeans to always fall back on.

What fit will you be going for this Winter?!