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My New Year Style Resolutions

It’s the dawn of a new year and that period when we typically convince ourselves that there’s no time like the present to change our lives for the better, whether it be by taking up a new hobby, exercising daily or dedicating more hours to our personal relationships.  As positive as these traditional options are, I’m suggesting a move away from the cliché in 2020 and using this year as a chance to place focus on a set of style and grooming resolutions instead.  Use the below as inspiration and adopt either a couple or all five of my suggestions to set the premise for a thoroughly well-dressed season.  


Take a creative approach to getting dressed in the mornings by promising to be a little more experimental with your outfits.  Perhaps it’s something as subtle as opting for a new colour or patterned riff on your go-to tailored trousers?  You could look at adding some houndstooth into your wardrobe for some added contrast or perhaps adopt a new style all together taking inspiration from your favourite films or tv shows.  It’s safe to say we’ve seen a fair bit of inspo from Peaky Blinders this last couple of years but why not try something new?  I recently felt rather inspired by Tarantino’s latest drop Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood and in particular the colour palettes on display, earthy tones and colour combinations.



Whether you’re embracing resolution number one or you’re looking to refine your wardrobe and keep things more classic with regards to outfit combinations this year, there’s no better place to start than with the staples.  Begin the year by investing in timeless staples that promise to transcend seasons and lay the foundation for many-a stylish look. The essentials include: a well-cut blazer (double-breasted works best for now), a couple of tailored white shirts, super-soft cashmere knits, the right pair of jeans, a classic wax jacket and a sleek pair of black leather boots.  When paired with pieces a little more trend-focused or similarly classic designs – because there are plenty more we could add to this list – these hero items work to transform something from everyday to elevated.



I should start by contradicting the title by saying I’ve never been a huge believer in trends but there’s no denying the fact that the fashion industry runs on trends and whist its cyclical nature is undeniably fascinating (who else is keen for yet another 1970s revival?), it’s new ways to dress that adds excitement to each season’s offering.  For SS20, corals, apricot tones and blush pinks offer a soft new take on neutrals and their versatility prevails.  There also seems to be a real obsession with anything ‘bowling’ related, so why not invest in a bowling bomber or shirt for something a little different and stand out?



Workwear is (perhaps, unfortunately) what a lot of us spend most of our time wearing and if you don’t work somewhere that has a completely relaxed dress code whereby your weekend wardrobe translates for the Monday to Friday as well then maybe it’s time to refine that tailoring repertoire to make it something that you’ll look forward to wearing each day.  Key SS20 suiting silhouettes include turn-ups and wide-leg trousers and blazers come both cropped and double-breasted for a slightly different take on the norm.  Where possible, I suggest trying a fresh stone hue and charcoal suiting or a white Oxford button-up and a simple round-neck jumper to bring something a little more ‘fashion’ to a corporate environment.



We’ve all got downtime staples that we turn to in a bid to feel instantly relaxed, be it the cosy sweatpants and slippers that go hand-in-hand with a night in front of the TV or an oversized shirt and flat shoes reserved especially for off-duty pursuits.  As homely as those existing items might feel, there’s a sense of satisfaction that comes with the upgrade of such pieces and there’s no better time make the switch than at the dawn of a new year.  Look to luxurious fabrications such as silk and cashmere to keep things trend-relevant and ensure your off-duty wardrobe instils as much confidence as your more polished alternatives.