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My Summer Fashion Rules

Summertime.  It’s a time we spend much of the year craving and daydreaming about, yet when it arrives we are reminded of those uncomfortable temperatures, the crazy hot commutes to work, the dreaded sweat patches and the general clamminess that the sudden increase in air temperature can bring.  Yes it’s nice to feel a bit of vitamin D thrumming through your veins but the rashes and the sweat that come with it, not so much.

Before you get all hot and bothered, here are a few hacks, clothing-wise, that will help you survive the next few months as the temperatures continue to rise!

Look To Linen:

Consider switching up your fabrics for the new season, replacing heavier cottons with lighter linens.  If you’re going to wear tailoring in hot weather, the right fabrics are essential.  Clearly, cotton is going to keep you cooler than wool and fleece.  Linen, also, is an often proposed antidote to the heat of summer and always a winner in my eyes. 

Warmer climes demand lighter attire starting from the leg up.  Look at investing in some breathable linen trousers for those smarter occasions and a pair of lighter cotton blend or linen shorts.  Linen shirts are a real summer wardrobe staple and a must for holidays abroad.  Consider investing in a linen cuban shirt for something a little more casual and a couple of colourful linen Oxford shirts for those evenings watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand!

Invest In A Statement Piece:

I often talk about ‘statement’ fashion pieces and it would be safe to say that my fashion mantra primarily revolves around wearing one stand-out, statement piece alongside some staple clothing items.  

Whether it’s a brightly coloured linen shirt, stand out double-breasted blazer, tailored linen trousers or distinctive shoes, contemplate how you structure your summer outfits and consider investing in some stand out pieces for your wardrobe.

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Consider Short Shorts:

Right now, it’s time go where no upper thigh has gone before, and get your pins out!  Short shorts are all the rage this season and as a guy who’s a little vertically challenged, I’ve always used shorter shorts to my advantage.  In warm weather, it’s undoubtedly more pleasant to wear shorts than it is to wear trousers and the shorter the short, the longer your pins will look.  I’m a big fan of this lightweight cotton chino pair in white, they work well with every other colour and can be worn from morning, noon and night.  A linen pair will also come in handy, navy is a great colour to go for.


Change Your Shoes:

I know finding good shoes in Summer can be challenging, so let me lay down a few pointers.  First, though rubber soles may be more comfortable, they’re comparatively non-breathable.   So, in summer, I’d recommend a shoe with a natural fibre sole.  If you’re addicted to Derbies for most of the year I’d advise you to invest in a pair of loafers or two.  Loafers are ultra versatile and can be smart when needed to be.  For weekends, rope-soled espadrilles, but please never flip flops, there’s not a man on the Earth who looks good in these.  

A solid pair of black leather loafers are one of the first items into my suitcase for summer trips, they can be worn with shorts, linen trousers or chinos and will get you through almost any occasion from smart dinners to ultra laidback evenings.

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