Feb' 2014


Playing With Layers This Season

Now you guys might be sick of me banging on about layering by this point, but for me it’s the ultimate sign of a well thought-out get up.  When executed well, layering will help you combine both style and practicality and even more importantly, keep those chilly winds at bay. 

Layering is a tricky art to master but get it right and you’ll be well equipped to tackle chaotic morning commutes and mid-afternoon blasts of cold air alike.  Aside from the obvious insulation though, layering comes with a multitude of other benefits from getting the most out of your clothes to showcasing your own take on style. But, where do you begin?

When attempting to execute the technique with any degree of success, it’s important to start with the basics and that means working from the foundations of your outfit and building it garment by garment. 

Invest In A Gilet

It would be safe to say that the gilet is very much BACK and man am I glad.  Nicknamed the ‘body-warmer’ for good reason, investing in a gilet (or three) will be one of the wisest decisions you make this season.  Versatility is always king and you can rock your gilet as your ‘top layer’, underneath a heavier coat or even blazer for something ultra smart.

Swap Your T-Shirt For A Roll Neck

Add some James Bond–level sophistication to your skinny jeans and slim suits by wearing a thin turtleneck instead of your go-to shirt underneath. Buy it in a nice fabric like cashmere, and watch every fall outfit in your closet get cooler.

Embrace Over-Shirts

Make your topcoat stretch into the colder months by wearing one of your spring jackets underneath.  Whether it’s a denim jacket, a hoodie, a military jacket, or a light down shell, the effect is damn sharp.

Try Out Unlikely Pairs

The modern guy mixes his gym clothes with his work uniform, and his technical gear with his evening wear.  David Beckham layering a down shell jacket under a topcoat and adding a knit beanie is just the kind of mashup we’re talking about.

Play With Proportions

There are only so many ways you can layer menswear—that is, until you really start playing with the length and fit of things. While the runways will always represent the extreme, they’re chock-full of proportion ideas your wardrobe could use.

Go Tonal

The easiest and coolest way to build a layered look is to stick to one or two colours that you know look fantastic on you.  Vary up the hues ever so slightly, and keep building until you’ve got something appropriate for where you’re headed.

Layer For The Occasion

Whether you wear a technical coat over a slim suit on a cold day or reach for an oversize cardigan and a big-ass scarf when you’re traveling, you’ll look a whole lot less contrived when your layers serve a practical purpose.


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