Mar' 2101


Preparing For The Transitional Season

Working in fashion I’m perhaps more exposed to the comings and goings of high street fashion than most.  Although it’s part of my job to be knowledgeable about the industry, you still become acutely aware of the changing seasons, along with the new trends, the new colours and, in particular, the kind of look that many stores are going for.

You also become extremely aware of the more testing periods in fashion – those times where you aren’t really sure whether you’re here or there, or whether you’re buying into one season or the next. These happen twice a year, usually around the beginning of February to the middle of March and then again from mid-August to late September.

These transitional periods are characterised by a lot of conflicting ideas, exacerbated by retailers’ insistence on switching from spring/summer collections to autumn/winter collections (and vice versa) in what many deem as the middle of the current season.

We are now entering the final phase of the mid-winter sales, meaning the majority of high street retailers will have fully switched to their spring/summer collections by the end of March, if they haven’t already.  Soon the only winter clothes you’ll find will be buried away in a dark corner complete with red tags crying out for attention.  With this in mind, over the coming weeks I will be providing you with dedicated guides on how to cope with this tricky transitional season in style, along with detailing the key pieces you should have in your wardrobe.  

Admittedly, most of the first spring/summer drops will include transitional pieces, designed specifically to lead you slowly into the new season.  Yet it can still be difficult working your way around stores that clearly have a very different expectation of the weather to you – particularly when it’s the complete opposite of what’s going on outside.

But far from seeing this as a time of styling desolation, try to view this seemingly ridiculous situation as a positive – an opportunity to look forward, plan ahead, define your personal style and pick out/try on those pieces that really catch your eye.

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