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Rethink Your Approach To Single Use This Summer

It would be safe to say that the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘single-use’ are very popular at the moment and seem to be appearing all over our screens.  From my perspective things have been rather overcomplicated by the media and rather than making drastic and challenging changes to the way we live our lives, its more about small, achievable adjustments that can have a huge impact in the long run.

These little changes that I’ve been making over the past year, I would say have actually improved the convenience and functionality of my day to day business, and I have to say in 2020 it is absolutely NOT acceptable to be seen with a single use plastic water bottle or disposable coffee cup, in fact anything that is single use is something that you should look to swap out.

It may surprise you how easy these swaps can be, here are a few of my favourite ways to live a more eco friendly lifestyle…


Ditch The Single Use Plastic

The easiest and most immediate ‘eco-switch’ you can make is to ditch single use plastic, in any form.  As someone who likes to workout and exercise, it’s important to stay hydrated and a reusable and refillable water bottle is an every day essential for me, whether thats in my gym bag or day bag.  With a little planning ahead I ensure I always have something to sip on, but without having to reach for a disposable water bottle.

My bottle of choice is from Larq, a brand I first discovered on Instagram, and a product that has been essential for me throughout the Summer months. It’s pricey – a lot more than most ‘high-street’ water bottles you can buy, but let me tell you why it’s worth every penny.  The Larq bottle, as well as looking ultra sexy and keeping your water ice cold all day, actually utilises U-LED technology to clean the bottle itself, as well as removing 99.9999% of bacteria from your water.

I took the bottle with me to Cambodia and Laos on our travels this summer, and was able to switch on ‘Adventure Mode’ for ultra bacteria zapping, so there were no nasties in my drinking water.  As long as the water you’re filling the bottle with runs clear, the Larq bottle can make it safe to drink.  The lid of the Larq bottle can be quickly and easily charged, but you only need to do this every 6 weeks or so, and then every two hours, or upon a press of a button, your water is cleaned.

In addition to the efforts of reducing single-use plastic, LARQ donates 1% of proceeds to 1% for the Planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solution.

Shop the world’s first self cleaning water bottle here.

Eco Homeware Swaps

In the house we’ve made a few other swaps, including switching to more eco friendly cleaning products, and buying top ups for our cleaning products, soaps, and even food from bulk food stores.  Our aim is to reduce what we put in the bin, and ultimately land fill, so by taking pouches (dust bags from shoes and bags work well) to bulk food stores and buying packaging free rice, pasta, oats etc means we don’t need to be buying products in plastic bags.  We’ve also purchased an Eco Egg, which is filled with mineral balls that clean your clothes for up to 100 washes, without the need for a liquid or tablet detergent.

Buy Less, Buy Better

Something that’s become somewhat of a catchphrase of mine and Josie’s is to Buy Less, but Buy Better.  The clothing industry is a huge polluter, and fast fashion is a big problem in the industry.  It’s far more eco-friendly to buy second hand, and get more wears out of the clothing you already own.  Did you know the average person only wears an item of clothing 7 times? Instead, look after the lovely pieces you already own; invest in a steamer, and a bobble off to make your clothing look as good as new, and take pieces to the tailor to make alterations and amends.  Look to invest in a few, classic quality items each season if you want something new in your wardrobe; my favourite retailers for quality include Reiss, GANT, Ted Baker and of course premium shoe retailers. On designer sites like Mr PORTER, look for the ‘Net Sustain‘ option, where the luxury retailer has already checked through brands credentials to ensure they’re producing items in a sustainable way.

Thank you to Larq for sponsoring today’s blog post.