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My Favourite Holiday Scents This Summer

I find it strange that we spend so much time planning and preparing for a summer holiday, investing in new clothes and pushing that bit harder in the gym, yet we don’t take a similar approach to our grooming routine.  A grooming routine needs updating, changing up and refreshing every season and a big part of any summer grooming routine should be that final touch, a spritz of a fragrance to complete the look and outfit.

Now is the perfect time to review your scent selection for summer holidays, and a classic cologne is the obvious choice.  It’s cooling, citrus-laden composition is the perfect antidote to the intense heat.  It’s always best to go with fragrances that have ultra fresh top notes with strong base notes, so the fragrance can live on the skin for longer and withstand high temperatures.  

Here are three of my favourites from recent trips abroad, all guaranteed to help you make a real statement this holiday season:

The Beach Scent, Aventus Cologne by Creed

Creed’s most recognisable scent, Aventus, has been given a refresh, an upgrade if you will, with the launch of Aventus Cologne.  This is a more modern and fresher fragrance with green apple, pineapple and mandarin making the overall scent ultra fruity and zesty, making it a great one for summer trips.  I particularly like the freshness of the mint and patchouli combined with the woodiness of the original coming from inclusion of vetiver and sandalwood.

When To Wear – Ideal for pretty much any occasion, I like to wear Aventus Cologne on beach days for the ultimate impact alongside a pair of tailored swimmers and knitted polo, unbuttoned of course.


The Ideal Travel Companion, Tiger By Her Side by Sana Jardin:

Having launched this August, Sana Jardin is a new perfume range created by Amy Christiansen Si-Ahmed and it’s one of the first fully socially conscious fragrance brands that is focused on empowering its supply chain through commerce and not charity.

The seven perfumes from Sana Jardin are free of artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehydes – each includes between 15 and 20 per cent natural, essential oils.  The bottles and caps are made from recycled materials and the smells themselves induce many a holiday-memory: in particular, Tiger by Her Side is spicy and warm, reminding me of nights walking down through the cypress forests to the small fishing village of Fiskardo in Kefalonia for dinner.

When To Wear – The perfect day time scent, rub a few drops on your wrist or neck and the fragrance hangs close to the skin throughout the day, spiking a bit when your body heats up.  Wear with a colourful cuban shirt, tailored shorts and espadrilles.


The Show Stopper, 1872 by Clive Christian:

1872 by Clive Christian is a real show-stopper of a scent and I’ve officially lost count of the number of times I’ve received compliments when wearing this fragrance! 

Dedicated to the year Queen Victoria honoured the Crown Perfumery Company with her symbol, 1872 perfume opens with a refreshing and at the same time deep citrus-fruity scent. The freshness of bergamot is framed by juicy and delicious fruity notes, particularly the note of pineapple with its magnetic sour-sweet scent.

When To Wear – A real statement scent and ideal for an evening with that special someone.  Wear alongside a crisp white linen shirt and colourful, tailored linen trousers with backless mules, for maximum impact.


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