Feb' 2004


Small Changes That Can Have A Big Impact

I believe we have a massive responsibility as fashion influencers and bloggers to educate our audiences about the detrimental impacts of fast fashion and ‘single-use’ and to help educate about the small steps they can be taking to ensure they are contributing to making the fashion industry more sustainable.  We need to be more conscious in our choices of the brands we choose to work with, ensuring they are also taking steps to reduce their own environmental impact.

I feel like 2020 is going to be the year that both single-use coffee cups and plastic bottles are going to become socially unacceptable and I’m totally for it.  I mean 2019 was the year we were being educated left right and centre about the damage single-use plastic can cause and even I must admit I had underestimated how little plastic is actually recyclable and how many products we consume on a daily basis are essentially sent straight to landfill and end up in our oceans.

Here’s some simple, basic and dead easy changes that we should ALL be making:

Invest in a refillable water bottle and shun single-use plastic bottled water for good.

Say NO to single-use coffee cups- with a little planning ahead you can have a re-usable coffee cup in your day-bag, backpack or handbag and if you’ve unfortunately dropped the ball one day, why not shun the coffee altogether.  Is a caffeine buzz really worth the damage of a single-use cup?

Be considered when making new wardrobe additions – is it a piece you desperately NEED and is it a product that will stand the test of time both from a quality and design perspective.

– Build a capsule wardrobe – invest in your clothing and always consider the ‘price per wear’ equation.  Invest in timeless classics, that will never go out of fashion, work well with multiple outfits and be worn and loved for years to come.

– Support brands that are trying to make a difference – Mulberry are a case in point of a brand that has adopted a more sustainable approach in manufacturing.  They recently launched a new Camo Check Collection that utilises ECONYL®️, a durable, sustainable material crafted from ghost fishing nets retrieved from the ocean and other salvaged manufacturing waste.  Designing with this material essentially allows Mulberry to move towards a closed loop manufacturing process that also removes waste from the environment, so a win win.

When it comes to fashion brands and being more conscious of who we work with and what brands we buy from, ask yourself a simple question.  Is this product well-manufactured and will it stand the test of time in both a quality and design sense? If the answer is no, then I suggest you look elsewhere.  Adopting this approach will ultimately be better for both your wallet and this beautiful planet we call home.