Jan' 2008


Strike The Right Cord This Season

Corduroy has been around for a while and has long had a rather stuffy reputation, but this season it’s having it’s moment – and definitely in a good way.  When it’s bad, it really is bad, but when it’s done right you can stand proud and embrace the style must-have.

Corduroy can go one of two ways – really well or really badly.  That’s why I’m here – to help you figure out what you should be wearing your corduroy with and how best to incorporate it into your looks.  Whether it’s cord pants, corduroy jackets or a cord shirt, men’s corduroy’s should be worn with style and a whole lot of confidence.  Hard-wearing and warm, corduroy’s practical benefits have never been in doubt, but now the ridged ‘cord’ pattern – known as a ‘wale’ – is being appreciated once again as a way of adding depth, texture contrast to an outfit.

The problem is that, done sloppily, it will age you quicker than a glance at Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.  The trick to making sure your corduroy looks contemporary – rather than the result of raiding your Dad’s wardrobe – is to wear one key piece at a time, and avoid bagginess at all costs by keeping the style and cut modern.

A modern way to get some corduroy into your upper half rotation is to buy a jacket with a thick wade in a boxier cut, like a denim or bomber jacket. Neutral colours will always work, but if you’re feeling brave go for something fresher in mauve, olive or even sky blue, keeping the rest of your outfit nice and muted. 

Your trousers are the safest and most ‘classic’ way into corduroy, but there are risks.  Cut too wide and worn with boots or brogues, you’re going to stray into That ’70s Show territory.  Instead go for a slim fit that tapers to the ankle, breaking at the top of your shoes – ideally a pair of minimalist leather trainers or derby boots.

You need to get the right mix and make sure you pair them with something that’ll compliment the style well.  A roll neck or crew necked jumper will always work, especially when layered under your winter coat.  The materials will both have a similar thickness so you won’t look like you’ve got a thinner top to bottom half.  The trousers will feel thicker than your standard jeans, so don’t go for something that’s overly tight.

When it comes to colour, don’t be afraid to step away from the black – after all you want your trousers to be noticed, so why always hide in a pair of black ones? Brown could be looked at as being old fashioned and granddad style but you’ll be surprised as this is a look you should adapt for the current season.  The whole ‘dad look’ is coming back, so when it comes to corduroy, you can go for a brown tan colour and not feel too old fashioned, I’m particularly loving rust tones this winter.

One final tip would be to make sure the trousers are’t too long.  They should fall around your ankle and rest on the top of your shoe.  If they’re longer than that, it’s best to fold up the bottoms – this still looks good and helps to add to the outfits aesthetics.


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