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Suede Season Is Back! Time To Invest In A Suede Jacket.

The best thing about transitional seasons is the weather.  Yes seriously, the weather.  Because you get to actually make outfits that you wear in real time—you’re not confined to some huge winter parka or forced to strip down to the bare essentials to battle the summer heat.  Lightweight jackets and layers you can wear indoors and out, are the name of the game for navigating the transitional period between seasons successfully.

A suede jacket is always first on my list for a lightweight top layer.  Suede is a little less intense (and heavy) than a leather jacket, but it still carries the same sort of edgy style that every good jacket should whilst also adding a different texture to your look.  Plus, this is a lighter shade of brown—a welcome change from the dark, heavy shades we will be getting familiarised with all winter.

For transitional periods like autumn, it’s essential to have buildable outfits you can add to and take from as the day shifts between warm, chilly, humid, raining, sunny, and whatever else.  I always like wearing a piece of knitwear as a base and then working from there with the possible addition of an over-shirt for that ‘removable layer’ and then a suede or leather jacket.

The best part about this outfit, besides how great it is, is how easy it is to replicate. Creating a solid go-to base for everyday means you can have fun when it comes to jackets, from fabrics to colours to shapes.  This is the perfect season to test and expand your taste in lightweight outerwear and time to invest in a good quality suede jacket that will fast become a wardrobe staple and last for years to come.

Let us accept summer is well and truly behind us and it’s time to put a little more thought into our outfits to ensure neither style or comfort is compromised.

*Top Tip – It may sound like stating the bleeding obvious but always check the weather forecast before you dust off your beloved suede jacket for the day and for an added layer of protection why not give it a quick spritz of a suede protector, Liquiproof for clothes is my favourite.

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