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Summer Scents From Around The World

Travel is one of my biggest passions and the whole concept  of travel is centred around the art of discovery, stumbling across new places, discovering hidden gems and beautiful spots that others may not have visited.  To travel is to explore and create memories and I’ve always found memories to be triggered almost immediately by the power of scent and fragrance.  There are certain aromas that will instantly take you back to a pebbled beach in Mykonos, or rainforest retreat in South America.

The Around The World Discovery Collection from Clive Christian features four luxury fragrances made from some of the rarest ingredients from around the globe, and for me epitomises the modern explorer and remind me of past adventures.  Whether its ‘Cypress’ with it’s sweet petitgrain & neroli combo, channeling warm summer evenings spent on the Amalfi coast as a child or ‘C Woody Leather’ with it’s zesty mandarin notes alongside a smoky tobacco finish, reminiscent of dusty tavernas in Corfu, every fragrance tells a story and evokes emotions.

One of the many reasons I’ve fallen in love with Clive Christian scents is the individuality and rareness of the ingredients used.  No scent smells like another and there are no other brands that have fragrances with this level of complexity and attention to detail.  I’ve always enjoyed wearing fragrances that help me stand out from the crowd and make a real statement alongside my outfit.

Explore the heights of mountains, the depths of forests and  the sunny warmth of tropical climates through this foray of  fragrances, the ultimate globe trotting perfume set.  Part of the exciting Travel Collection, the vials fit seamlessly inside the Travel Case.

Learn more about Clive Christian and the Discovery Collections.