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Sustainable Stocking Fillers For Christmas

Yes, it’s that time of year again and Christmas is fast approaching!  This year I’ve really shifted my perception in the way I go about things from a sustainability perspective and I thought it would be worthwhile putting together a list of items that have helped me be more sustainable in my day to day!  Many of these would make perfect stocking fillers, with a couple ideal for that main special gift!

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1. A Reusable Bottle – Purifying Water Bottle By LARQ

An ‘intelligent cleaning bottle’, this bad boy has become a firm fixture in both my gym and work bag.  There are plenty of reusable bottles on the market but I’m a big fan of LARQ and their self-cleaning bottle which uses a blue UV-C light in the lid to neutralise 99.9% of  harmful bacteria!

I feel like we are at that point where drinking out of a single-use plastic bottle is just simply no longer acceptable, at least when in the UK and around such fantastic and drinkable tap water.  Invest in a good quality reusable, refillable bottle like this one from LARQ and make a small, but important difference every day.

2. A Reusable Cup – Keep Cup

I think it’s definitely got to the stage where not owning one of these is a cardinal sin, in London at least…!  One of the easiest changes we can all make is saying no to those horrible single-use coffee cups and ensuring you and your loved ones have a stylish and good quality ‘keep cup’ in their day bag will make it that be easier when getting your daily caffeine fix.

3. A Backpack With A Conscience – Heritage ECONYL Backpack By Mulberry 

Mulberry has always been at the forefront of luxury manufacturing and they’ve recently launched a Camo Check capsule collection for men, featuring some beautiful bags crafted from the regenerated nylon ECONYL.  ECONYL is a durable, sustainable material crafted from ghost fishing nets retrieved from the ocean and other salvaged manufacturing waste.  Great for the sustainability conscious and the ideal sidekick for that daily commute.  There are also some fantastic bags for her as part of this new collection.

4. A Reusable Cutlery Set – Cutlery On The Go By Joseph Joseph

Much like the reusable cup mentioned earlier in this guide, a set of reusable cutlery should be a firm fixture in your day bag in 2020.  Whether you’re a sushi, pasta or salad kinda guy or girl, a reusable set of cutlery will come in extremely handy and allow you to stand strong against all that horrible single use cutlery out there!  A cracking gift for anyone that travels a fair bit with airports a real hotbed of single use.

5. A Closet Sidekick – Pilo Fabric Shaver By Steamery

A new gadget I’ve become obsessed with, this ‘fabric shaver’ helps ‘de-bobble’ your knitwear and remove any unwanted fabric.  An ideal gift for a knitwear lover and a great way to prolong the life of your beloved knits!

6. A Reusable Metal Straw  – Travel Straw By Kikkerland

Another mainstay of my day bag, a reusable metal straw comes in very handy when out and about in town.  This one is a particular fave given it’s handy carry case and cleaning tool!

7. A Candle Alternative – Wellbeing Pod By NEOM 

If you’ve read any of my other gift guides you’ll be aware that I’m a big fan of NEOM and their amazing candles.  With all that said, the ‘Wellbeing Pod’ makes for a much more sustainable alternative to candles, requiring just a couple of drops of essential oils alongside tap water to create a beautiful mist to keep your home smelling fresh and feeling tranquil.  This is a great gift for someone that has trouble sleeping or switching off after a long day, look at investing in the ‘de-stress’ oil !

8. Shoe Trees

This may seem like a rather dull gift but shoe trees shouldn’t be underestimated.  It’s always worth investing in a good quality footwear but without a decent pair of shoe trees there’s still no guarantee those kicks or brogues will stand the test of time.  A proper pair of cedarwood shoe trees will help keep the shoes shape, draw out any moisture and prolong the life of the shoe.  The perfect gift for any loved one who has a penchant for footwear!

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