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The Essential Pieces You Need This Spring

With just a few weeks left until spring officially, well, springs, it’s time to get your seasonal upgrades sorted.  You may well be dreaming of shorts and tees, but the trick to nailing the change in seasons is a slow and steady approach that changes incrementally (and also accounts for the occasional shower.)

Sowing the seeds of a warm-weather wardrobe early ensures a look that’s already bloomed come summer, while everyone else scrambles for the last pair of sunglasses. 

Here’s my top menswear pieces to invest in to keep cool this Spring, whatever the weather.

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A Trusty Jacket

Ditching the warmth of the wool can be painful, but there’s a whole range of lighter cover-ups that will keep you bright and breezy this spring.

The field jacket has become a menswear staple over the last few seasons and for good reason – it’s a great layering piece that can sit well over T-shirts, shirts and knitwear, plus it won’t be too heavy should the weather brighten up.  The workwear influence means it effortlessly pairs with a variety of formal and casual looks, and layers to suit seasonal changes.

Spring arguably provides a much greater opportunity to experiment with colour.  While leaving garish suits to Willy Wonka is a year-round suggestion, brightening up when it comes to selecting your outerwear is a move straight out of the sartorial playbook that’ll set any formal look apart.  It’s always advised to stick to a single colour palette, and this season you can’t go wrong with shades of green or blue.


A Classic Oxford Shirt

The secret to the Oxford’s longevity is its versatility.  Unlike smart twill shirts, Oxfords are characterised by their slightly coarser texture, something which makes them the perfect partner for knitwear you can really sink your teeth into.

In fact, the Oxford shirt is so-called because it is constructed from a fabric using a unique basket weave, originating in Scotland during the 19th century. … Polo players were the first to wear the Oxford during their matches. This could be why it is associated with a preppy and smart-casual style.

I’ve always enjoyed pairing a classic Oxford with a pull-over style jumper, it exudes prepiness and is arguably the perfect medium between smart and casual.

Versatile Knitwear

Knitwear will always be your best friend in the transitional months between both autumn and winter and spring and summer.  The key when investing in knitwear for this time of year is to ensure it’s both breathable and not too heavy, a classic merino knit will do the job nicely.

When it comes to colours and patterns, the iconic Breton stripes are ideal – combining timeless nautical cool with a laid-back contemporary edge, this classic design is simultaneously athletic and nautical.

For an even more casual look, you could rock your Breton knit under a denim or Oxford shirt. Leave the top few buttons open, so it’s almost like an undershirt.

Paired with crisp denim and white sneakers, French Breton adds some je ne sais quoi to a relaxed weekend look, or finish with chinos and a pair of desert boots for something with more weekday clout.


Timeless Chinos

Need I really articulate as to why a classic pair of beige chinos should have a home in every modern day gent’s wardrobe? I must own at least six pairs and they all get regular outings in the spring and summer.

Versatile, smart, casual and easy to style, chinos are always a go-to for me during the spring.

White Leather Kicks

As with accessories, topping off a look off with the wrong shoes can make even the best dressed man look like he got lost on the way to the front door. 

The unpredictability of springtime weather can make choosing footwear more difficult than it should be and it’s definitely wise to hold off on sandals until we’re guaranteed no showers (you know, those two days in August), but that doesn’t mean there’s not chance for a change.  If I’m ever in doubt, I always find myself reaching for my trusty white leather kicks.  They work with all manner of trouser choices, they are ultra comfy, they are easy to wipe clean and most importantly, fairly weather resistant should the skies open up. 

Consider switching to lighter soles, single leather is the most natural and breathable, but a lightweight rubber or wedge sole is also good. Just lighten everything up in proportion to your mood and the weather.


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