Oct' 2012


The Most Versatile Jacket Of Them All?

It’s officially layering season, when we’re all exposed to cataclysmic changes in temperature every half an hour and battles over office thermostats turn deadly.  It’s at this time of year when you have to deploy your most cunning fashion moves, creating coordinated outfits with more layers than ever.

Of all the layering pieces you own, your selection of jackets will be the most versatile.  They can work as your outermost armour when the weather is so balmy that you don’t need much underneath but they also slot in-between your tees and top coats when more layers are called for.

No jacket has more of an association with the British countryside and the bitter weather that dwells on our rolling hills, than the waxed jacket.

It’s hard therefore to take it away from the very British farmer’s uniform.  I’d avoid the flat caps and walking stick – too much like a costume for its own good – but instead plump for a modern smart-casual wardrobe of roll necks, fine knitwear and crisp, cotton button-downs underneath.

Swap in a subtle textured sweatshirt for your regular wool jumper for a sportier, streetwear vibe while still maintaining a degree of smartness.  On your feet, ditch the wellies, and instead pick up a pair of chunky leather boots with a stand-out sole – they’re this season’s must-have and can be smartened up or down depending on your ‘fit .

It’s not too much of a drastic change from the farmer’s uniform sure – but I’m not trying to overhaul the formula here; merely updating it. 

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