Oct' 1907


The Return Of The Gilet, An Autumn Wardrobe Staple

Sure, some may call it a comeback and the gilet is indeed making a return to the streets of London.  After a long time on the periphery of what would generally be considered stylish, the much maligned ‘body-warmer’ has in recent years been ushered in from the cold and completely restyled as a fashionable gilet.  From performance-wear giants to Italian fashion houses, this season offers something for everyone, whether you prefer wool or nylon, slim-fit or quilted, a bold statement piece or a versatile basic layer. 

For a 4-6 week window between October and November (and again in early spring), a gilet can do things few other items of clothing can.  Namely keeping you warm but not too warm, regulating your body temperature indoors and out.  The wardrobe equivalent of an efficient air conditioning unit and a real staple wardrobe piece for the autumnal months and transitional period between summer and winter.  

There are times when  wearing a thinner coat won’t quite cut it and wearing a bigger one would leave you bulky and seriously sweating.  The much-maligned ‘body-warmer’ is actually a work of quiet genius and if styled correctly will fast become one of your ‘go to’ pieces during autumn.

Stay tuned for a ‘Five Favourite’ ways to style post coming very soon to Man About Town, but in the meantime here’s one of my favourite combinations alongside a classic funnel-neck knit, chinos and casual suede boots, dressed down without being too casual or sacrificing any practicality.

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