Oct' 1901


There’s A New Jacket In Town

What to wear on days when it’s not quite cold enough for a coat? 

There are many reasons to applaud October’s arrival, the golden brown and deep rouge colours that litter trees and pavements; fireside Sunday roasts at cosy pubs; and the thrill of breaking out the knitwear again.  But for all its triumphs it can be a trying task to predict the conditions and dress accordingly.  To successfully navigate autumnal conditions it’s all about that layering, but it’s never that straightforward; just what do you wear when it’s not yet cold enough to warrant an overcoat?

Meet the hybrid jacket.  Hybrid you ask? Bear with me here.  According to the Oxford dictionary, the term ‘hybrid’ is defined as ‘a mixture of other things, especially two things’ and we are seeing a number of menswear pieces this season that have applied exactly that.  Whether you favour a quilted jacket or are inclined to something with a little more sartorial savoir-faire, these modern creations will keep you temperate during those mild autumnal days.

The hybrid jacket comes into its own on days when a cardigan doesn’t quite cut the mustard as an adequate layer but an overcoat would be excessive.  It will not only help you regulate your temperature when rushing around town but it’s sheer versatility should not be overlooked, a classic zip-up jacket will go with just about anything!  Dead easy to add or remove, it’s light enough to wear over a chunky knit without overheating or looking like you’ve over indulged on your lunch break.

Texture and fabrication are key components to your outer layers for October weather and it’s worth keeping that all-important ‘V’ word in mind; versatility.  From a design perspective, combining the practicality of quilted protection with the timely appeal of knitwear makes for a smart, transitional-friendly staple.  And much like other jackets of this calibre, it’s a hard-working one that will serve you well over the coming weeks and future seasons.

The perfect companion for a busy day of meetings or weekends spent at the park followed by a hearty Sunday roast!

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