Jan' 2020


Thoughts On Double Denim?

Thoughts on ‘double denim?  There are few things in menswear which have the instant ability to divide opinion like the combination of two pieces of denim fabric.  I must start by saying that I’ve never been wholly convinced by this combo and given my love for a darker wash pair of denim jeans, I’ve tended to steer clear of denim jackets.  But, even the most hardened of style criminals can be rehabilitated, and all those who have thanklessly campaigned for the style’s innocence are about to reap their reward: double denim is reborn.

The moment that we knew that double denim had passed its litmus test was the near universally positive reaction to Brad Pitt’s squared denim Wrangler outfit in the first stills from Quentin Tarantino’s recent masterpiece, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.  The look is full on but somehow it gained wide approval and got me wanting to dust off the denim jacket once again.

Maybe the positive reaction is in part linked to a recent surge in people evoking the best of cowboy style and the wild west?  Despite its recent reputation for signifying a complete absence of taste, double denim is in fact steeped in heritage and rugged practicality, worn by the original American heroes and gunslingers.  You could even go a far as saying that off the back of this resurgence, a denim jacket has become timeless in the same way a leather jacket is.   Here’s a few tips on nailing that double denim look this season.

Don’t Combine The Same Shade

Not all denim is created equal.  I’m not talking about the age old battle between sweatshop threads and selvedge denim, but rather the differences between shades of the same colour.  If you’re going to broach all-over blue or black denim, you need some real contrast.

Take your cue here from serial double denim wearer David Gandy who makes light work of pairing light blue jeans with a darker denim shirt up top, and vice versa.  This approach works with black jeans and a charcoal denim shirt too.

It’s All About That Fit

Colour combinations are critical when doing double denim justice, but equally important is the fit of the denim you’re wearing.  It’s worth trying on a couple of different options and be sure that the fit is spot on.  It may sound crazy but be sure to try on your jeans with the correct footwear to make sure everything falls properly.

Broaden Your Colour Palette

For those stubbornly averse to double denim, adopt some blue sky thinking and ditch blue jeans entirely.  Bypassing the colour most closely associated with double denim lets you wear the trend incognito.  While a blue denim top and bottom can look like you’re dressed in a Levi’s onesie, lesser worn shades (grey, charcoal, cobalt blue and black) will stealthily swerve the suggestion that you’re wearing double denim at all.

Using a pair of grey jeans as a base, stick on a pair of white kicks, a classic white T-shirt and a black denim jacket and you’ve just done the James Dean of double denim.  If you don’t want to go as bold, switch the coloured jacket with a cream number for a subtle, classy way to do the double D.

Lighten Things Up

Mention double denim and most minds go straight to full-look stonewash, but swerve cowboy cliche and say howdy to white denim instead.  As well as being extremely impractical on horseback, this is one of summer’s savviest style moves.

It goes without saying that any all white look prefers to be sat next to a decent tan.  So, if you’re naturally darker skinned or have bossed your base tan, you can recruit white jeans and a white denim jacket without worrying you’ll end up the victim of a more savage wash out than your average British summer time.  If you’re naturally paler however, dark stones and creams are your entry route.

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