Jan' 1822


Upgrade Your Scent Game With Oud This Winter

When it comes to ‘fragrance etiquette’, a gent should always look to match his fragrance with the time of year and the season.  The weather and air temperature can have a big impact on the way a fragrance is perceived and smells.  Hot weather, for example, intensifies the fragrance notes, while cold weather makes it more difficult to evaporate and a scent can linger.


The ice cold temperatures of Winter give all those delicate and sophisticated notes the necessary time they need in order to fully express themselves and with the bleak weather, a strong scent can make all the difference when it comes to moods and how you feel.


Oud is a strong scent and has become a new personal favourite of mine, ideal for this time of year if you are looking to stand out and make a great first impression.  Perfect to wear in cold temperatures, oud has as distinctively woody, warm and rich scent, that lingers for hours.


What is oud you ask? It originates from the Middle East and is derived from the Agarwood tree of South-Eastern Asia.  The tree creates a dark resin in order to protect itself from a certain type of mould and oud is extracted from this resin and blended into the heartwood to create a fantastically powerful scent.


The extraction process makes oud one of the most expensive components used in perfumery and ultimately gives a real aura of luxury to the overall scent.


Here are my top 3 scents to bring some much needed ‘ooomf’ to your fragrance game this Winter:

Jo Malone Oud & Bergamot:

If you are looking for an introductory fragrance that packs an oud punch, this is the one for you.  Combining oud with bergamot, Jo Malone have created a seriously smoky scent with a base of burnt wood and hint of fresh bergamot to balance the fragrance out.


I particularly like the fresh citrus finish of this one and it makes it a scent that could easily be worn all year round and from season to season.


Pair this fragrance with chunky knit and bomber combo for a smart casual look and be sure to give your neckline a healthy spritz.


Shop the scent here.

By Kilian Pure Oud:

By Kilian is a relative newcomer to the fragrance World and is certainly changing the game when it comes to modern scents for the modern gent.  There are a number of fragrances that focus in on oud within the Kilian stable, but my personal pick is ‘Pure Oud’, a fragrance that will capture the attention of those around you.


I wouldn’t be exaggerating when I say that every time I wear this scent, without fail, I receive compliments.  Whether it’s from Josie, a friend or a fellow tube passenger, this is a scent that turns heads and that is the ultimate purpose of a fragrance after all right?!


Pair this chap with a cashmere roll neck and blazer for the perfect sidekick to an evening of cocktails and debauchery.  When it comes to spritzing this, less is more.


Shop the scent here.

Tom Ford Oud Minerale:

To complete the trio we have a tasty number from Tom Ford and a new addition to their collection of private blends.  Oud Minerale was launched towards the end of last year and is a scent that has forever grown on me.


Combining the preciousness of oud with the freshness of the ocean, ingredients like seaweed give the fragrance a salty hint.  The smoky base note comes from the inclusion of pepperwood and gives the scent a deep, rich finish, that exudes sophistication.


It’s a scent that is both romantic and provocative in equal measure and I’d pair this with a crisp white shirt and double breasted blazer for date night with that special someone.


Shop the scent here.

If you are looking to turn heads and stand out from the crowd this Winter, then upgrade your scent game with an oud that packs a punch.

In addition to this holy trinity of oud scents, a special mention for a new launch I received just yesterday; Across Sands from Maison Margiela Replica.  It’s another punchy scent with a fragrant focus of oud and warm spices.  Another fantastic scent for the Winter months and a good value option if you are looking to add an oud focused scent to your collection.

For some extra warmth and depth, why not combine an oud fragrance with another featuring a floral or spicy notes – a great combo for those that are more adventurous.

What are your favourite scents this season?