Jan' 2008


A 2020 Wake Up Call, Make This The Year You Start To Moisturise

Now fellas, I’m not one to preach, but you if you aren’t already using a daily moisturiser as part of your morning routine, then you need to take a long hard look at yourself.  Particularly as that skin you see in the mirror is your one chance and thus needs to be carefully looked after!  A daily moisturiser is your skin’s best friend.  Despite what the packaging promises, grooming products can’t turn back time, but they can help you hit pause and a great moisturiser is your defence against the elements, but also the years.  Start early, deploy daily, and you’ll outflank wrinkles and fine lines before they even start to appear.

There are plenty of things to enjoy about winter when you’re tucked away somewhere warm with a hot chocolate in hand, but it’s less enjoyable when you have to go outside and face the harsh elements.  Venturing into the cold, dry air without being totally bundled up could result in blotchy skin, dried lips, and general dehydration.

The key is to find the best moisturiser for your skin type, so it can deliver precisely the benefits you need.  Whether you’re looking to fill wrinkles, buff away fine lines or just keep that skin looking hydrated, these are the moisturisers that have your back throughout the colder months.


The One For Oily Skin

Choosing skincare is tricky when you’re oily.  You get a multitude of different directions to follow and conflicting ideas on how to balance your skin, none really making much sense when you look at them altogether.  If your face is prone to breakouts, you’ll want to opt for an oil-free moisturiser that will provide the hydration you need without clogging pores.  A Kiehl’s bestseller, this is the one to choose if you find most face creams too claggy – it’s lightweight and quick to absorb, yet the hydrating effects will last all day.


The Perfect All-Rounder

Your skin post-shave is at its most vulnerable and is crying out for hydration.  Stop it from getting dry or irritated by applying a hydrating balm right after and a firm favourite of mine is this Complete Care Moisturiser from french brand L’Occitane.

The whole mantra of L’Occitane is maximum efficacy utilising luxurious and high quality ingredients. You can sort of tell just by looking at it, but luckily this day cream will get your face up to scratch, even if you can’t get yourself together.  It’s a great choice if you have normal skin and need an extra bit of care without a massive song and dance. Luxurious and effective.


 For Maximum Hydration

Malin + Goetz has one of the tightest door policies around: nothing makes it into these skin-kind products unless it’s suitable for the most sensitive of souls.  A rosacea sufferer himself, Matthew Malin knows how to formulate products that are effective yet gentle, and this cult moisturiser is one of the brand’s best.  Meadowfoam seed oil protects your face from the worst the elements can throw at you, while linseed extract calms an easily irritated complexion.

It’s a terrific way to destress the skin without overcomplicating things.  The balance of ingredients in this is what makes me give it a thumbs up and the texture gets extra brownie points for grease-free goodness.  With regular use you’ll notice a refreshed and firmer appearance. It’s a somewhat serum/moisturiser hybrid. 


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